Armourers Dust Coats

Discussion in 'REME' started by Rectum, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. Hi fellas. Many years ago I was given a dust coat by my OC who was an LE Captain. It was lovely. It had big Mat Black buttons with the RAF logo on them. I was posted to Germany to an armoured Inf Bn and as a young crafty, was told that it would be best to leave the dust coat at home. So I gave it to my dad to hang in his workshop. I came home a year or two ago and went into his work shop to get some tools and saw my old dust coat hanging in all its glory. I picked it off its hook and was horrified that my dad had used it to do a S"*t load of painting and there was paint all over it!

    So now I am trying to find a new one. Ebay has proved useless and Google can't help me either. I have found and NSN for them however when they came through they were blue butchers coats.

    Does anyone know of any places I can find Armourers dust coats?
  2. 1965? Have you tried there?
  3. Ha!!! F***ing awesome!
  4. In my shed at home (Palmerston, Northerm Territory, Australia) and no, you can't have it. :)
  5. Most convicted paedophiles own them as they coordinated well with their national health glasses, bad breath and nicotine stained fingers.

    Plus the pockets are large enough to hold the severed genetalia of a dozen school boys.

    Have you contacted Ian Huntley?
  6. Wah. But did you also gain your moniker for the actions that earned you the coat?
  7. Have you tried contacting the Recy Mech Training hanger in the TTA at SEME. I think the military staff who cover Rep Techs and Equipment courses in that building use them.

    Mind you I could be full of sh*t so dont get your hopes up, but its worth a try.
  8. They do indeed wear dust coats, but they are the blue ones. I don't think the old ones are available now.
  9. Could try contacting Arkwright from "Open all hours"
  10. I trust the NSN you obtained was from the RAF system?
  11. if it is a true dust coat the buttons are not stitched to the dust coat on issue, you have to put them through small holes and secure with small keyring type loops. i have staybrite REME buttons on mine (with zeus book and six inch rule as standard.)
    usually people use the buttons off your regimental 2's/1's as they have your cap badge on them.
    so the RAF buttons could have come from anywhere. i have 2 or 3 kicking around in the shed and I DIDNOT get them from the crabbies
  12. RAF buttons were always sewn on, at least on all my blue kit
  13. F..F..F..Fetch cloth Granville