Armourers Combined Tool Box

Discussion in 'REME' started by Synergy, Jul 20, 2006.

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  1. Any one know where I can get hold of the sheets that list what tools belong in the box?


  2. WSS IPT in Andover:

    WSS IPT Building, 400/1, DLO Andover, Monxton Road Andover SP11 8HJ. Tel. +44(0)1264 381307

    from another internet site before anyone gets OPSEC annoyed.
  3. I thought it was just one tool. How many hammers do you need to do a job!
  4. There is a part number for them on one of the sheets that list what tools belong in the...D'oh
  5. Or PM me for a photocopy
  6. It looks like one tool has climbed out of its box!!
  7. they need at least 13 punches and 73 files and a torch so they can see in them damp dark cellars
  8. Get hold of a MMPI (SCOC) disk. After putting it in the CD drive go to My Computer, right click on the CD icon & select explor. You will then see Scales & Schedule. Select schedules & start searching.

  9. What ever happened to the Armourers Basic tool Kit and Armourers Supplementary Tool Box?

    Gone the way of all old armourers presumably.

  10. they binned the old tool kits for a combined one when they merged the armr and gun fitter roles. incidentally why do they put the hammers in the bottom tray??? would have made much more sense to have them on the top for easy access!!
  11. The new boxes are great! They are so multi-functional!

    Use it as a card/eating/washing table in a 43 penthouse.
    Empty it of tools(they never use that many anyway) and you can fill it with beer,foodfags and comfy items for exercise.
    For the saddoes it makes a great paper AESP holder.
    Use it to store the useless cr@p you get on your CES such as the straps you get on the 434.

    Come on guys! this is a new bit of kit that will have so many uses if you use your imagination! Lets have some fresh and interesting ideas on what we can use the new Armourers toolkit for, it will never be used as it was intended.