Armourers Association Reunion - Saturday 6th Sept 08

It's that time of year to brave the plumbing of the Victory Services Club, learn everything you never wanted to know about the Vickers MMG buffer pack and the firing circuit on the 3.7" rocket launcher, and sample a few scoops with the armourers of yore and the serving lads.

Anyone else going? I promise not to talk about sharp knives and porn, so long as the young'uns leave their Warhammer figurines in their rooms...
I've never been to it a good night out? Is it full of old crustys talking about centurion being a rank, not a tank? ;)
The Armourers Association Reunion is as good as you want to make it, mate.

The Armourer's Association is non-rank-ranged and is keen to have as many serving and ex-armourers attend any function. A newsletter is produced annually shortly before the reunion. The Annual Reunion is held on the first saturday of September at the Victory Services Club by Marble Arch in London.

At its most basic level , it's an excuse to go on the pop in London once a year, meet some old friends, and if you want to talk over the fun times spent blacking foresights there are plenty who will oblige!

For the young in age and at heart, the function usually ends around midnight, and London doesn't shut that early so you can launch off into whatever fetish club or coffee bar you fancy.

The Association chairman is planning (with the able assistance of whoever's arms he managed to twist) to have an Armourers' website up and running in the near future,and is also organising a visit to the Small Arms museum in Warminster next year.

Future dates:

Small Arms museum visit: 04 Apr 09, Warminster.

Annual Reunion: 03 Sep 09, Victory Services Club, London.

If you want a contact, I can PM you the chairman's email address.
sorry not to keen on a dinner night but am interestered in the website as long as its not all startrek and warhammer
please send details as and when

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