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Armourers' Association Dinner - VSC London - Sat 1 Sep 12 7.30pm

Calling all Armourers, Gun Fitters and Artificer Weapons of any age, sevice status or rank!

The Annual Re-union Dinner is set Saturday 1st September, bar opens at 6.00pm, dinner at 7.30pm. It's held at the Victory Services Club near Marble Arch in London. Details on the dinner and VSC are below. Dress is Jacket & Tie* for gents and suitable attire for ladies. *Association Ties are available from the Secretary on arrival.

There is a raffle after dinner and the whole evening is fairly informal. Being in London there is plenty to do before and after the dinner for those that want to make a day/weekend of it.

The younger ones amongst you can swap 'there I was in AFG' with guys who were there last time the Army was; while the BAOR veterans can admire the VSC's fine cellar!

If you can't make the Dinner, then for your diary it's always the first Saturday in September. Also check out the 'Visits' page of the website, for up coming events and past events.

For younger Armourers, the Assocation pays for dinner and a room for the Top Armourer Basic Student at SEME in each Training Year and for Dinner only for the top Armourer Upgrader.

Events Details of Dinner and how to book
tri service all ranks military club :: Victory Services Club :: VSC Home page

Please pass on the details to any any other Armourers, Gun-fitters and Art Wpns that you know.

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