Discussion in 'REME' started by Jake16, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. I have my pre-selection on 26th and need to fined out about my first job chice and where my phase 1 and 2 training will be and what I will learn/do there. I can't fined anything about it anywhere. Can anyone tell me please?? (First job choice is Armourer if you didn't know)

  2. Phase 1 - Pirbright. Get fucked about, learn to soldier, press kit, shave, and get fucked about some more.

    Phase 2 - Bordon. Get fucked about, get pissed, get bored, get pissed, get loaded onto an Armr course and learn your trade.
  3. Anything A little more constructive that I can acc say in my ice breaker
  4. Plenty. But I can't be arrsed. Use the search function (top right of the page) there is plenty of info.
  5. Just tell people you are awesome at World of Warcraft, you dont like sunlight and prefer to spend your time in damp and dark rooms with a preferance for cellars, that is all they will be interested in!
  6. Any good advice not silly stuff please
  7. Good advice = use the search function.
  8. Bordon, great place, nice comfy bed, easy life & nice food oh hang on thats in the Sgts/WO's mess.
    Well it has a spar, a bar and somewhere for you to eat, what more could you ask for?
  9. Armourer eh? Learn all this is about the SLR...
  10. You have a fair point, but first let me point out that the word find used in your first post is spelt 'find' and not 'fined' as you have spelt it, which whilst it is is the correct spelling, you would only spell it that way if you were to say for example: 'The Police fined me one hundred pounds for speeding last week.' So my good advice to you is get a dictionary...