Discussion in 'REME' started by nuttygunner, Sep 18, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys, I'm new here so forgive my noobiness! :D I'm interested in going into REME as an Armourer but am still not sure whether it's the right job for me?! I'm taking my BARB tests Sept 28th and am hoping for the best. Is there any information people can give me about the armourers? I've heard (in a nutshell) that they basically sit around a lot and don't really go out and do anything? Anything people can give would be appreiciated. Thanks :)
  2. Yup. One very important thing..... If you want to be an armourer, you need to be able to spell it.
  3. Stand around and do nothing, I thought he meant Armoire?
  4. True enough, sunday evening. Typing while tired and in darkness...meh ;)
  5. And there I was, just finishing cleaning the weapon, when it went off in me 'and....... meh.
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  6. Metaphorically speaking. It's your weapon, you can clean it as fast as you want.
  7. Indeed. But could one justifiably defend oneself against an ND charge, by saying that one was cleaning the weapon by discharging it? And, would this be a viable defence against possible accusations that you had taken your own life, in the event that the ND involved the discharge of a round which removed you from the gene pool?

    No need to respond urgently, I am now the happy recipient of a BJ, which I fully expect to culminate in a DD within the half hour.
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  8. DD = deliberate discharge.
  9. That would be why you clear the weapon first...
  10. If you're 'cleaning' it and you're doing it right, it's going to go off.

    I am unaware of any recorded fatalities from either cleaning discharges or nocturnal emission, but will cede to your greater knowledge.

    Sorry, you should have said. Carry on. Bon Appetit.