The wife and I have pretty much made our mind up to up sticks and relocate to NZ for the usual reasons (better standard of life for the whole family etc). We are wading our way through the immigration swamp and think we have enough points to apply for residency from the go so that's a bonus.

WRT jobs I have initially focused on continuing my current technical/para-legal profession but while browsing t'internet I saw the NZ army are looking for (or to train up) armourers. This is tickling my fancy somewhat since it is a trade I have always wanted to do but never really got the chance to fulfil. I already tinker extensively with my own private firearms collection on an amateur level and have a mechanical engineering degree from RMCS.

I have already sent off a casual enquiry about the position but does anyone have any experience of the armourer's trade in the NZ army? Is the NZ army good for young families? We have 3yr old son and a 9month old girl to provide for.

Oh, and yes, I'm a civvy, and no, military life does not scare me.
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