So, even though I initially wanted to apply as a Metalsmith, Ive been given the option of armourer, all in all the job looks excellent, engineering qualifications, and generally engineering, exactly what I want to do. It does mention you may be sent out in hostile situations, fair enough. But other than checking weapons etc, what sort of scenarios would I encounter in the job? Obviously I will be asking my recruiter when my medical form gets sent back, but until then I'd like to know as the job sounds very interesting to me!
Inspections, repairs, brasso, sam brown belts, and every other sodding job your moron of a QM can think of you doing whilst at the same time dragging you into his office every 10 minutes for not been in 3 places at once.

anything positive?
All depends on what type of unit you are posted to. A regiment of the Royal Armoured Corps, for example, will see you clambering around tanks. If you go to a REME battalion, however, you may deal with just small arms- rifles, pistols, etc.

Have you browsed the REME forum at all? You will find out a lot more there than here.
havnt looked at the reme forum yet

surely you would get moved around a lot though? or once you are assigned you stay?
Have you browsed the REME forum at all? You will find out a lot more there than here.

Copy, paste, copy, paste....

If you want to know about joining up, this is the right forum. If you want to know about a specific job in a specific regiment or corps, go to their forum. For the countless people that use this forum, I would guesstimate that about 10 are adults, possibly less than that actually serving. The REME have their forum for talking about REME things. That's where to find your answers.

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