Discussion in 'REME' started by BevisRory, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. Being an armourer has always interested me in many forms...

    I've got the educational requirements in the bag...


    There are 2 slight problems...

    1) I intend to be an Officer,


    2) Im marginally colour blind...

    Despite these 2 deficits, is their ANY hope?
  2. There is no direct route to officer as an armourer. However if you are a bright spark you can be selected for officer training at any stage. Bear in mind you need a degree to be a REME officer. (But you could end up as any cap badge).

    As for colour blind- I'm red brown colour blind and never had a problem.
  3. So, is it possible to do say, 5-6 years as a NCO, then do Officer training?

  4. Without being harsh do you want to be an Armr or an Officer? You won't be a very good Armr if your heart isn't in it. You will delay your commissioned career if you choice to sign up as a tradesman first.

    On the flip side you will generally make a better Officer if you have served as a soldier first.
  5. I want to be both, lol.

    Im gonna go down the AFCO, next week probably...


    As an Officer, don't you already have a trade?
  6. You can join and train as an Armourer. You then have 2 choices...

    1. If you decide you have the qualities required of an officer there is nothing to stop you applying for a commission before you're 26 (or whatever the age is; I believe the AGC will take you as a DE (Direct Entry) Officer up to 30. If you pass RCB (Regular Commissions Board) you'll be sent of to Sandhurst to do the full 9month Officer course. What you choose to be an Officer in is between you and whoever you apply to but the AFCO will give you more detail.

    If you decide you want to be a REME officer they will send you to the Royal Military College of Science at Shrivenham where you will study for a degree in an engineering subject. only then will you be released on the Field Force (the proper Army) as an Officer.

    2. The other choice is the stay in the ranks, if you're good enough you'll be pointed towards Artificer training. You;ll attend a Potemtial Artifcer Assessment Board (PAAB). If you pass, you'l be loaded on an Artifecer Course which last about 18 months and you leave as a Staff Sergeant. When/if you get to WO2, REME will allow you to apply for a Commission as Late Entry(LE) Officer but realistically most REME LE's are picked from the WO1s; only the most exceptional WO2s make the grade. You can off course apply for a commission in a number of other Corps as a SSgt, but again that's to wide an area to cover in this email. As well as being about 15 years away, so the rules may well have changed by then.

    If you really want to do both, I'd advise joining as an Armourer; make sure you get posted to somewhere that goes to war and bang in for your commission as soon as you get your posting order for you second posting. By this time you'll have been in about 4-5 years, and should have good range of background experiences that the RCB look for. Leave it too late and you'll be too old/set in your ways.

    Before you visit thew AFCO you REALLY need to decide what you WANT from your potential Army career.

    Good luck
  7. Maj Boothroyd as ever is largely bang on. Some of the detail has changed slightly. Shrivenham is no longer an option, Degrees are now conducted at civilian universities under the Defence Technical Undergraduate Education Scheme (DTOES).

    The AFCO is the right place to start and will be right up to date.
  8. Thanks for the help guys, it's appreciated!
  9. Armourer's.....God's chosen :D
  10. the only thing he posts about on here that i agree with :wink:
  11. So, being an armourer sounds like the best thing to do, going by the vibe of forum...

    Are there any major benefits, or cons over other jobs?
  12. Being an Armourer is the way ahead. You get some good trade qualifications. You learn to use tools/lathes to a high standard, working to fine tolerances.

    You also get to fcuk about with lots of weapons :)

    Pros - stacks of porn, lots of weapons.

    Cons - the rest of thte LAD will try and spam you for jiff jobs because they always think Armrs have nothing to do.

    Do you like the smell of napalm in the morning???
  13. Who/What are the LAD? It seems to crop up a few times..
  14. Well I'm sure that advice has helped him to decide :?