Armourer walt?

Alright chaps, a lad I went to school with (was always a class A bullshhtter), is claiming to be in basic training to be an armourer in the army. for the last year I've constantly seen the prick in civvys with a camo backpack done up around his waist doing the whole invisible lat sydrome thing around the town centre, I had also heard from a friend that he failed army selection, twice...

I got a dodgy scent when I saw him recently strutting around the town at 1000 on a sunday in desert boots, mtp trousers, a hilariously baggy mtp jacket with one of the old working belts around the waist over it and a dark blue beret.

After looking at his facebook on a friends phone it seems that he started basic on the 15th of june and has been posting ridiculous comments since about being gassed and a 4.5 mile "endurance run" (sine when does 4miles qualify as endurance?). What really got me is that he has supposedly been training throughout august, definitely on the 21st. my question is isn't that summer leave????

Added to this he has not posted a single pic of his troop or anything from basic (plenty of his airsoft team though). He is also lilly pale after doing basic throughout summer?

This guy just screams walt, any questions I can ask him to catch the knobber out?


Why not ask yourself, why does it matter to you? Then probably follow the other suggestions that will inevitably follow.
I don't like 40k, fantasy is where its at. Show him a video of three Japanese women in boots kicking someone in the bollocks, if he doesn't excuse himself for a wank he was not an armourer.
Surely summer leave can be taken at any time during the 'block'?

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Me might not have posted a single photo from his training because he has been told not to...

That said, apart from humilating the bloke there is nothing to be gained from "outing" him. If you really give a shit, ask to see his mod90. If he can show you one he has passed selection and started basic. If he claims to hasnt got it yet or doesnt carry it after being in since july he's talking shit.
I'd suggest leaving the guy alone. He's going to be able to bullshit you if he's ever been in an AFCO.

It's a special card that allows you entry in Buckingham Palace and other such exotic places. You are given it when you join the army, so you can go and get your pass certificate which is signed by a senior member of the Royal family when you complete your phase one training. (It used to be the Queen who signed them all, but with age she cannot do it anymore).

So basically if he doesnt have this special card, he can't be doing basic training as it would be impossible for him to pass out.
Does it matter, he's joined an elite band of individuals whose only passion in life is to fix things, eat egg banjos, and get pissed at all times in as many places as humanly possible, god bless the corps.

Pass the hankies,
sorry what's an mod90?

Are there any more subtle ways to try and catch him out?
Er, it's your ID Card?
All HM Forces carry one!

Does your social worker know your on an adult site?
Should you not be tucked up in the home by now??

No. Army have MOD90's

RAF have RAF Form 1250's

Not a clue what Navy and RM's have.

When I was in basic (RAF) I wasn't issued a 1250 until AFTER basic and moved onto trade training (phase 1 to phase 2 for you pongo's I believe)

We were given descriptive chits with no photo (Halton 1999) which was basically a laminated piece of A5 paper with relevant details on. We were not allowed off camp unless we had a chit to get us off and back on again, including first weekend pass and the obligatory daytrip to london town.

Is it/was it the same in the army or do we have a few bullshitters on this thread?
From memory, we started with a 'chit in lieu' in basic (the 'descriptive chit') but I can't remember when we got our MOD90s. I think it was after the half way pass off and long weekend but I could be wrong.

When I was in Trade Training in Blandford they used to take MOD90s off the sprogs and replace them with a laminated card to differentiate between trained soldiers and trainees.
You get your mod90 very quickly now. As in when he joined. You'd have it within 2 weeks of starting basic. It's applied for as soon as you are attested in the ta. So theoretically you can have it before you start any basic training.

That said as I've already expressed. Asking him a load of questions or demanding to see his mod90 won't go down well if you are not good mates with the bloke. Also lots of blokes don't like flashing it about anymore, invariably leads to trouble.
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