Armourer trade long term prospects?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Ihavejamonmyjeans, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys, I'm thinking the Armourer trade looks like a great, fun job to get into and I see it offers the Artificer route. Apart from working overseas as an Armourer, I'm just wondering what long term prospects are with the engineering experience for when one leaves the service? Thanks :D
  2. I heard a rumour that the Armourer trade was going to be contracted out to NAAFI as part of the PAYD deal.
  3. Ha ha :)
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  4. So are there any ex Armourers out there who have used their skills in the private sector? Other than with weaponry. This sounds a strange question perhaps but I'm guessing there are engineering principles that are learnt in this trade which can be applied to other diciplines.
  5. So I guess there's no long term prospects with this trade's qualifications? And it must be true about the trade being grossly undermanned as there doesn't seem to be many Armourers who are ARRSE members?

    Just another thought here, if the trade is undermanned, promotional prospects must be pretty bleak?
  6. Ever heard of Gunsmiths it's a trade in civvy street. I'm sure the Army will offer training to it's Armourers of a suitable astandard to be employed in the same role in Civvy street.
    Undermanned branches = Promotion quicker if you've got the smarts.
    As for no Armourers being on ARRSE perhaps their all busy or on :roll:
  7. Ha ha :D
  8. Joining the REME as an armourer is a good idea at the moment, as the role is very understaffed. You will be busy. You do get some good quals, even better once you've passed your Tiffy course.

    The quals you leave with can be used in civvy st, but as I said, the higher up the ladder you go, the better quals you will have for civvy life.
  9. Some ex-Armourers work in the Engineering Surveying Industry, doing checks on overhead cranes and other related equipment. Mostly employed by Insurance companies such as Zurich and Cornhill.

    Me? I was an armourer (and a metalsmith) for a bit, then went Tiffy and now work in Australia as a Fitter Armament. Being an armourer doesn't mean you have to fix guns in civvy street, like you said, engineering principles travel quite well.

  10. After 22 years man and boy and reaching the dizzy heights of Sgt and spending 15 out of 22 years with the Infantry (last 8 Armoured) Civvy street was fast approaching...

    Looked at the options......Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    So I decided to go for that resettlement package of security systems
    CCTV Access control Intruder alarms etc etc

    1 year down the line and now I install some top systems (can't say as I'm not allowed) so the future is bright for old sweats like me.

    But if you are going tiffy then you will sit in a office all day being the ASM coffee bod and re-doing the Tech Libarary ...again

    :D :D
  11. an armourer is not a gunsmith.

    an armourer is a technical storeman with a set of gauges and a box of spare parts.

    to be a gunsmith you need a light engineering qual (fitter/turner or tool and die maker ect) knowledge of wood working and a lot of experience in the gun trade.

    being an armourer is a lot of fun, i love the job personaly. but dont expect it to automaticly lead to a job after the mil, theres very little call for ex-mob gun plumbers.

    there is jobs out there, but its the old question of who you know.

    now please excuse me, i have to get back too 'Guns-R-Us'
  12. I think armourers are a bit more than Tech Storemen with gauges and spare parts - certainly the ones I worked with were. Tech storemen are not trained to diagnose & repair faults.

    Maybe you attended the wrong course and you are turning up for work in the wrong department each day?
  13. It's taken me just over a year to get back onto this site, as i read some of the comments it makes me wonder why we bother? The Armourer trade is in need of a shake up, the trademen that VT ship out to us are of such a lower calibre i believe it needs addressing higher! As for being a Tech storemong with a couple of boxes with gauges and spares, Dr S you have just upset me totally!

    Many happy returns peeps!
  14. Worry not, he is probably an ex gun-fitter whos fingers are too fat to work on small arms. :)

    There are some good craftys that come out of Bordon, it's the attitude of the person not the training.