Armourer (Small Arms and Light Weapons) Artificer Contact Needed

Discussion in 'REME' started by diplomat, Oct 25, 2011.

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  1. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    I have been asked to advise on the development of a project to provide basic Armourer (Small Arms) training by an International Organization in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    The project proposal will be developed and submitted to donors later this year / early next year. I anticipate a greater than 60% chance that a donor could be found for the project.

    It is proposed that 4 weeks consultancy at home base be allocated for the development of course materials (powerpoint, handbooks etc) and then 2 weeks to deliver the course at an Armoury in a Police Academy in the region. Future course of 2 weeks using the material developed would then be very likely.

    Remuneration would include Flights and Subsitence in additional to a Daily Rate.

    This would seem to be a an ideal opportunity for a retired REME Artificer Armourer who would like a few weeks in sunny climes in a safe country. Please could anyone interested PM me for further information and I can explain the project in more detail.
  2. Is porn included?
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  3. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    If that's whats needed to attract the right sort of chap. A list of addresses to suitable evening establishments in Port of Spain can also be supplied on request!!
  4. What dates are you looking at and is this a one off or likely to be repeated in the future?
  5. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    One off, likely to be later in year. Decision being taken in next few weeks
  6. Please keep informed, I may be in a position to assist
  7. You have a PM