Armourer (RAF) needing Support...

I was sent the following through a Website I run this morning, looks like these lads need all the support they can get, if you can dig a little deeper in the pockets for charity they'd appreciate it...

Armourer lost an arm in Basra cycling the Big Battlefield Bike Ride Sponsorship!!!


Big Battlefield Bike Ride- 26th May 2008 to 1st June 2008

Hello I am SAC(T) Jon-allan Butterworth and I work at RAF Cottesmore as an armourer. I was injured last August in Basra where I lost my arm in an Indirect Fire Attack. After excellent rehabilitation at DMRC Headley Court I felt like I had to give something back to help others through, what is a tough and difficult time ahead.
I am going to be part of the DMRC Headley Court cycling team, a team of patients and staff (support riders) will be participating in the Big Battlefield Bike Ride to show their support for the appeal and help contribute to the fund raising effort. Although the team will be made of 10 riders collectively we will only have 18 legs and 17 arms!! By participating it is hoped that:

1. The team will raise a significant contribution to the Appeal.

2. Team members will test their Physical fitness, stamina and mental toughness helping in their rehabilitation journey from injury.

We will be covering 342 miles over 5 days. Cycling from Caen to Calais, we will visit some of the many war memorials and battlefields of Brittany and Normandy. On the final day we will meet cyclists participating in the Great British Hero ride ( please see: if you want to ride this) at Blackheath, South London and pedal to the Cenotaph. A fitting tribute to all those who lost their lives or were injured and maimed in conflicts around the world.
We have set ourselves a heady target of £23000, of which my own personal contribution to this target is £2000 so please dig deep, every little will help. You can donate by either cheque, made payable to ''Help For Heroes'', bank deposit or by going to our justgiving website, .

Thank you.

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