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Wondering if any of the armourers out there can help. I've just completed SNCO CLM and am working on the final assignment for level 3 management certificate. The assignment asks me to "make believe" that I am hiring a civilian armourer to assist the overworked military armourers. If you were hiring an armourer, what qualifications would you expect them to hold. Surely most, if not all armourers have military backgrounds, in which case, what qualifications do military armourers hold. Thanks in advance of your responses.
NVQ 3 in weapon Maint and Equipment courses for the specific kit he or she is to work on. Unlikely scenario to be honest!! thats what the Bde staff and DSG deal with!

Found the paragraph below on Goggle if this is not enough lie and hope your tutor is not an expert thats what I did for my NVQ.

All Armourers must have undertaken comprehensive training in the use of firearms as a basic requirement. Specialist training, permits and certificates are also required, according to the types of weapons used. These may include: automatic and semi-automatic weaponry, black powder, shotguns, rocket launchers, etc. In the UK, permits and licenses are issued by the Police and the Home Office, under strict conditions, and after detailed screening of applications and applicants. Most Armourers have either: worked in the Props Departments of film productions, and undergone an apprenticeship with an experienced Armourer; or are former Military or Police officers. In both cases, they must have many years of training and experience in the safe handling of weapons.
Nothing about drinking brews and wearing sunglasses when we pop out into the sunlight then? :wink:
Armourers should have at least NVQ level 3(class 1) in Health and Safety,Engineering and Hygiene,Manual Loads,Competent person Abrasive Wheels Regulations Act 1970,Battle Damage Repair,Workshop Procedures,Workshop Practical(Fibre Glass Repair),Electrics,Instruments,Small Arms,Examination of Ordnance,Hydraulics and Armaments.

These are the headings and if you require any more information then ask. The PDR does come in handy. :roll:
judging from popping into STC armoury last week, he should be an ex 25 yr armr sgt!
(who likes making models for wargamers)
armr617 said:
judging from popping into STC armoury last week, he should be an ex 25 yr armr sgt!
(who likes making models for wargamers)
Every trade has its freaks :evil: Just seems ours has more of them :oops:
Never seen the fascination about it myself, not when there’s alcohol and women about. :twisted:
I was an Armourer Sgt from 75 - 87. We had none of this NVQ in our days. Just attend SEME and go through the Small Arms Department. Prior to getting anywhere near a weapon, we had to complete the segments on Bench Fitting, Sheet Metalwork, Welding and Instruments.

My discharge paperwork states that I could utilise my Service Employment experience as follow:-

673.60 Stocker (bespoke guns)
731.35 Tool fitter
732.20 Precision instrument fitter (exec optical instruments)
733 Other engineering production fitters (exec electrical)
734 Other metal working production fitters
739.05 Bench hand (engineering)
741.99(03) Ordanace maintenance fitter
799.10 Barrel setter

Additionally, if of Class 1 Standard:-
831.25 Inspector (metal) (n.e.c)

Additionally, if sergeant or above:-
730 Foremen (production fitting (metal) and related occupations)
740.10 foremen (installation and maintenace fitter and fitter-mechanics (plant, industrial engines and other mechanical equipment)

Take these into account and you should have it cracked
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