Armourer or VM(B)?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Roscoe1724, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. Alright folks?

    Im currently in Phase 2 at Arborfield and got half way through my Avionics course before I decided it was NOT for me.

    My next career option within the army is (at this time) unavailable so im looking for other options within REME.

    The only ones that interest me really are Armourer or VM(B).

    Can anyone give me any 'in depth' information on either of these trades, since the armyjobs website is so bloody vague, to help me make my mind up?

    Im looking for information such as:

    Available postings after Phase2
    OP Tour probabilities and frequency
    General day to day duties
    Employment choices and availability outside the wire (especially overseas)


    PS. That last point makes it sound like I intend to leave the army ASAP. This is not the case, so I HAVE to be sure my choice is the right one.
  2. Can be a very hard but rewarding job for A mechs and B mechs.
  3. postings after phase 2 will be any of the 7 REME battalions.

    Go Armourer mate, you just have to get a high score in your bench fitting.
  4. Cheers man!

    With regards the postings... as long as I dont put a battalion down as a pref post, I can pretty much pick most units? 1st line? Straight out of P2?
  6. god another failed tech wanting to be one of the few, what ever happened to joining up as an armourer for the job not cos they were talked into being techs and failing or finding the course too hard and letting their spines doing the walking ( tiffy material ). yes i am bitter and twisted cos everyday i see the c**p that the core is letting through these days just to get bums on seats. hey here is a crazy idea why dont we train the guys to a high standard, and treat them like men then maybe we wont have this undervalued, undertrained, undermanned shortage of highly valued tradesmen instead off failures who just want money and rank whinging sods. rant over.
  7. Alvi, I know what you mean mate, people can't even spell corps correctly these days.
    They also seem to have trouble constructing sentences.

    Rosce, the army website is probably vague because the target audience is civilians who don't know what an operational tour is.

    In either trade you could be posted to pretty much any unit in the Army, as well as some Joint Service units.
    As a crafty, your day to day work will consist of fixing things and cleaning up after yourself. You will also get to carry out functions such as guard duties, fatigues, parades and room inspections. You will also be given tasks by your boss, be it a Lance Corporal or a WO1.
    You will get opportunities to travel be it Op tours, Adventure Training or holidays. Neither trade has mor chance of doing this, it's an army thing.
    Employability is good for both trades, VMs appear to be more employable, but armourers have transferable skills too, many armourers work in the insurance industry as surveyors for cranes etc. not bad money and normally a company car too.

    In summary, VM and Armourer are both pretty good choices, if you enjoy taking engines apart go VM, if you like to strip weapons, go armourer. Why not nip in and see the armourer at SEAE - he may be a civvy now, but he's more than likely ex Army. Same goes for the Workshop there, see if an ex VM is kicking about and have a chat.
  8. guess i was drunk in charge of a keyboard, curse these fat fingers.
  9. You have been given all the clack
    The way you make decisions I think McDonalds is for you
  10. Really you should only go Armourer if you enjoy weapons and all the stuff that goes with them. It used to be that Armourers were only Armourers because they were gun nuts not because they had failed at another trade.
  11. Fair comment
  12. Bear in mind that if you go as an armourer there is more than a giood chance that you'll spend most of your working time in a small armourers workshop on your own, so if you like company and a few laughs think seriously of VM(b) (Gods) as apart from anything else it has to be the trade with the largest number of different posting opportunities.
  13. Good advice from CfnX, don't go Armourer. Lower the VM's standards not Armourers. There is nothing worse than a tradesman who is doing a trade he didn't want to do and therefore never gives 100%.
  14. Also if your hobbies don't include drooling over guns all day and sharpening bayonets it's probably best to go vm, we would just scare you otherwise. ;)
  15. FYI, im not a failed tech... I just didnt like the trade.