Armourer or Aircraft Technician

Hi all, I've been an 'arrse watcher' :D for the last few months and thought it was about time I joined.

I'm off to 128 workshop coy, REME on Tuesday for a recruiting night. No doubt I'll join after the recruiting thing.

I was just wandering what the chances are of getting Aircraft Technician as a trade, will they take into account 5 years experience as a civvy helicopter engineer? I initially wanted to join as an armourer as it looked a bit more interesting than going back to boring aircraft!!! I've been thinking recently of getting back into helicopters and now I'm undecided as to which trade to choose!

Any information or advice on which to choose is welcome.
Nice user name. You must fancy me.

There is an AAC unit knocking around East Anglia somewhere. I think it might be Bury St Edmunds or something. However, I think it might be the only one. They were trying to poach loads of REME a while back, but I don't think they accept Air Techs or Pilots that weren't ex-regs in that trade.

If you couldn't go there, then the only other logical option would be as Specialist TA down at sunny Bordon.

To be honest, I've never heard of a TA Air Tech, so you've probably shit it. Don't let that put you off though. Ask the questions (and make sure you get a proper answer rather than a don't know/don't care type one) and then report back here to inform the wider audience.

If it is a no-goer then being an Armourer is for winners. Don't let the lesser trades tell you otherwise.
Thanks for the reply,

The only reason I was considering aircraft technician was because of my past experience and on the army jobs website it's listed as a REME trade not AAC.

I think the distance would be a bit of a problem as I'm on the south coast!! I thought about specialist last year, but I think I'll stick to a local TAC.

I'm still deciding but I think Armourer might be for me - thinking back to the days of being covered in jet A1 and engine oil.

Alot of thinking going on - brain is starting to hurt a bit now lol.

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