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Discussion in 'REME' started by alicio, May 26, 2009.

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  1. I can't seem to find any other topics like this, but if there already is one i apologise in advance...

    I was originally looking to join REME as an electronics tech, however I have seen some information on the armourer role, and it looks more interesting to me (as I am already a keen shooter and enjoy the maintenance of the rifles I have fired).

    I was just wondering what day to day armourers work is like, i understand not every day is the same, but would be interested to know the general idea of what I would be doing.

    Also on ops, do armourers generally stay in the FOB/workshop? Obviously I understand this would depend on what type of unit your attached to.

    Equally has anyone got any opinions on whether to go for armourer over electronics tech, or vice versa?

    Any advice appreciated

  2. well my normal routine is something like this

    0800 turn up at my cellar
    drink tea, eat bacon butties, not seeing much daylight
    1630 leave cellar.
  3. Don't forget the Warhammer.
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  4. You can't find much on here about armourers - unless of course you use the search function :p
  5. Oh yeah forgot the following;
    general phobia of day light.

  6. don't forget the buffing off brass and the porn, dam you've already said that three times.
  7. Fantastic trade, you will love it.

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  8. You missed off the manufacture of cribbage boards and any other ornamental (sorry regimental) pieces.
  9. On a serious note, what does the armourer do? The army website gives an explanation but it isn't very detailed.
  10. A good one usually attracts the attention of the Int Corps and RMP.
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  11. Naa. I deffinatly want to go in as a REME Armourer but nothing/nobody actually says what they do! It's annoying!
  12. A great one will steer said grown-ups in the wrong direction! ;-)
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  13. Spend all day in inspecting susats or changing 500 flash eliminators. Or fixing weapons that stupid people have broke because they think they know better.
  14. Fair enough. I'd love to be an armourer but all of this "armourers sit on their arses making shit or painting warhammer or watching porn" is just getting annoying and putting me off. :/