Armourer job

What exactly is this:

Factory certified and have a current certificate, as required, on all weapons for which he/she is responsible Trained and certified to current, U.S. - recognized standards.

I'm not an Armr anymore, but no idea about certification on weapons.
Not me mate, *well this time at least, one of the lads (Inf) got pissed, smashed a bloke up in his pit and got caught - so we've all been banned from alcohol in the block! :) (Collective punishments - brilliant!)

* All I did was get off me tits on Absinthe and initiate a semi-naked, drunken indoor-paint balling session and tried pissing on the BOS.

Then, a few weeks later, had a few too many and started lobbing apples at people, tried swamping on the Guard Commander lost my phone and deposited my boxers shorts halfway up the tree outside the Guardroom.

Will PM some links for videos from the block of Future Corps Legend Flip-Flop.
I thought collective punishments were no longer allowed in the Army. Isn't there something in Values & Standards prohibiting it?

Or does this just go down as Local rules and regulations, not punishments?
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