Armourer in the REME?

Hey guys,

First thread iv made here, so please correct me if its in the wrong section etc.

Im 16; and for a long time iv been set on being either an engineer or an armourer in the army.

A little info:

- My GCSE results were all B's and C's including maths/english and double science.

- Iv been in the ATC for 4 years and have a rough understanding and feel for a military environment.

- And after thinking about it over many months; iv decided to sign up once i finish college, (im taking a level 3 btec in engineering, a two year course)


I would like to know a bit more about the roles an armourer in the REME performs.

- Do i just sit looking miserable behind a steel cage all day?

- Will i be cleaning and maintaining a wide variety of small arms, handguns/rifles etc?

- How is the pay compared to a regular infantry man?

- And it an enjoyable job??

Thank you very much for reading,

- DE
The grammar and spelling nazis will be along shortly to tear you a new one, but good luck in whatever career you choose!
Might be an idea to pop your head in on the REME section further down, I suspect more chance of getting the answers you want down there - most likely will already be such a question already asked there too which will answer your questions.

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