Armourer, Electrician or Electronic Technician


Hi guys

Passed my selection in Feb but needed to clear up my medical issues which are nearly sorted and still not sure about what to do.

I like electrical and electronical things and am thinking of either one of the 2 or Armourer. Thing is i do get bored of doing the same thing over and like new tasks and challenges. I also like the out doors and soldiering side of the job so would like to get involved in this side as much as possible.

So heres my questions if yu w2ouldnt mind helping out:

1) Whats the main differance between both Electronic Engineer and Electrician trades?

2) Which Trade is most likely to get more postings and see more action rather than be in a workshop?

3) Which Job has the best career prostects on civvy street?

4) Are there any other things you could point out which you may think i should consider?

Have really been rount the houses trying to choose my trade and any help is appreciated.

1. We no longer have an Electrician trade

2. More postings in the Armourer world

3. Depends what you want to do in Civvy street

4. Look at all of the other threads that are just like this on the REME forum including the sticky. They should give you more information.



I'm an Electronics Technician so I will only advise on my trade:

1. Promotion is good if you keep your nose clean. You may be promoted to LCpl on leaving Tech training at Arborfield.

2. Postings are varied and diverse. No matter where you are it all depends on what you make of it. Even going to a REME Battalion can be good - despite on what you may hear here. If you want to sit in your room every night playing on your Play Station then do so. If you want to get in you car and visit the local attractions and night life then you may enjoy your posting more(?)

3. As a senior rank I am now qualified to apply for many civilian jobs with quals above the asking criteria. If you wish to go for a Tech trade then I advise you to gain membership/associate(ship?) at every opportunity.

4. The pay's not bad either.

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