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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by boredofmyjob, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. I am due to join the RE as an armoured engineer with phase 1 starting march 9th(i think) but..i have *no idea* what regiment i would be in post training! Any possible ideas? I feel like my local AFCO dont really know much more then i do about this!

    *This isnt a wah, i genuinly dont even know which regiments are armoured engineers..
  2. I had a armoured roll once in the NAAFI.
  3. prepare for greasy buttys , egg banjos! and cleaning engine compartments
  4. aargh. somebody tell me.
  5. If i've read the post correctly and you are looking at which regiment you may end up at try this...

    Clickety Click

    Off the top of my head 26 Regt is home to 8AES but bugger me with a fish fork if i know where it is.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Good luck to you. Once you have finished training get prepared for your posting by spending your leave in Greggs stuffing as many pies as you can!
  7. Well you won't be with some of the ******* that I was in with.

    You know...the ones who run the Armoured Engineer society and website. A shower of shite they are !

    All off playing golf, rather than helping mates down on their luck.

    Also, how come the REA is mainly Southern based ?

  8. ludgershall is in wiltshire, on the north east side of salisbury plain, handyly close, so you can plss on the lads in tidworth
  9. 21 ER - Osnabruck
    1 AES, 4AES & 73 AES

    26 ER - Luggershall
    30 AES

    32 ER - Hohne
    26 AES, 31 AES & 39 AES

    35 ER - Paderborn
    29 AES, 37 AES & 77 AES

    Any more for any more

    (jeez how many pie eaters !!)

    Clank clank ther goes my tank
  10. Sorry Gundolph but 77 are re roling to mech so the tanks are going mate
  11. YAWN!!!!!!
  12. 22 Engr Regt in Tidworth is still the proud owner of the Third Armoured Engineer Squadron. I am also led to believe there will be some more Squadrons formed soon.
  13. My bad. Thanks for the update. someone needs to update the army website!