Armoured Rigs in Iraq

Does anyone have pics of the armoured sleds that PMCs like kellogs (KBR) or any of the US PMC/PSCs are using in Iraq?

I've seen pics of them being built in what looks like a shed in down town Baghdad.

They look abit like the south africa kit from OMC.


No, not a journo.

Work in the defence industry and looking at PSC/PMCs and where and how they get resources (Mine Resistant Vehicles are a particular interest, staff - how and who they approach, or do they rely on being approached) for a Uni Project - hence question on KBR.

Happy to discuss by PM to prove I'm not a Journo.
Don't think much of their Baghdad factory...looks like a lock up off Only Fools and Horses...
son_of_KOYLI said:
Do you know if they are any good?

Would you trust one?

Thanks for the link too. I'll give that a whirl later
It would be a hard choice between taking a Snatch or Riva on patrol.... NOT.
are there any other ... cheap & cheerful .. i mean affordable RG-30 series type vehicles out there?

I've been digging around looking for Gaz "hummerski" supposedly in the north east in Kurdish areas, but can find nowt!

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