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Discussion in 'RAC' started by armour19, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. Hello All,
    About to start A levels, then degree, and hopefully on completion, join the Royal Armoured Corps.
    I have no family conections (nobody in my family has served since the Second World War), and am interested in armoured Challenger MBT regiments- however I have no clue as to which ones.
    I have done research into the QRH and SCOTS DG- my 'favourites' so far- but am looking for suggestions and tips.
    I'm only 16- and not looking to join the army for another 5 years, so does anybody know what steps I should take, if any, at this stage, and should I contact an ACA or the regiments first?
    The RAC is obviously hugely competitive, and could anybody enlighten me as to what regiments are looking for (aside from the generic officer material- leadership, fitness etc)
    Many Thanks
  2. Firstly well done on setting your sights on a career (long or short) as an RAC officer.

    Given that you are keen to go to an armoured regiment (i.e. one equipped with the Challenger 2 MBT), you need to be acutely aware that the army and RAC within it are about to evolve quite significantly. Currently there are 5 armoured regiments of which SCOTS DG and QRH are two. Over the next few years two of the five will re-role leaving just three Challenger 2 regiments. The catch is that while there are some rumours, nobody knows for sure just yet which of the three will remain in role as armoured regiments and which will become light cavalry regiments. This should become clearer in the coming months and I would suggest that you watch this space and potentially wait until then before nailing your colours to any particular mast. Having said that, if you are interested in all of the RAC roles and are just particularly interested in working with Scottish or midlands/Irish soldiers, then you could start thinking about an individual regiment.

    What I would suggest you do is speak to an army careers advisor (they used to have schools careers liaison officers) at this stage. He will be better able to advise whether you need to wait a year or so and come back or not. (I was on some regimental potential officers lists at about your age).

    If you have no particular preference for a particular RAC regiment (such as a family connection or friends already serving), then you should consider getting yourself on one of the generic RAC potential officers' visits to Bovington; this is designed to introduce you to the RAC and also point you in the direction of the regiment that would best suit you. You will have to wait a couple of years (probably) before you start going on potential officer visits (normally 18 years of age and a little older).

    In terms of what the RAC wants from its potential officers; basically the same as the infantry and most other arms. A healthy mix of applied intelligence, fitness, humour, confidence, selflessness and determination (not necessarily in that order) are a good start but it is your ability to inspire confidence and lead soldiers under difficult and dangerous conditions which is the real kicker.

    Please feel free to ask for any more detail. I have worked with most of the regiments in the fairly recent past but am probably not fully current on recruiting matters.
  3. Blimey brave-coward, you were up early! Thank you very much, really useful post, popping into see ACA tomorrow morning
  4. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    ******* hell. Polite, good grasp of English, decent knowledge of the Army and the RAC, well researched questions and all wonderfully free of the usual class prejudice. When compared to most of the crap on here, you're probably the best PO for a generation.

    I would say something more useful, but, as usual, BC has pretty much said it all. One extra point: If you're certain that you want to join the army then look at getting either a scholarship or bursary. It will give you an extra £3000 a year to waste on booze when you're at uni.

    If you happen to still be interested in the RAC when you're 18 then PM me and I'll look at getting you on a visit to my Regiment. Good luck!
  5. Thank you- what is your regiment by the way?
  6. My thoughts exactly. Isn't it noticeable how well written initial enquiries, lacking the all too familiar accusations of social elitism, elicit the most supportive responses? First impressions do indeed count, even on t'interweb.
  7. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    You might want to ask about Welbeck College. I wanted to go to Welbeck some 40 years ago but my "Careers Teacher" (he was my French teacher and didn't have a Scooby Doo about careers in the army) talked my mother out of it. When I later asked to join as an RAC crewman rather than officer I was branded overqualified and more of my time was wasted before I finally got in.

    A friend has spent most of this year working toward helping her son get into Welbeck with a view to an RE commission. Everything still seems to be pretty much as it was in the 70s.

    Army pays your way through Sixth Form (in a military environment), work you toward a degree then the payback is that you take a commission. To be honest I didn't pay that much attention to my friend this year. Ask all the questions of your recruiter. Don't believe a word I say (nobody else ever does).
  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Double-tap. Deleted.
  9. I did enquire about Welbeck, got a prospectus etc, but soon abandoned the plan upon reading maths and physics- not exactly my forte- are compulsary. Also, I was told I would have to be commisioned into RE, RSigs or RLC. Plus the added factor in that an especially idiotic school colleage of mine is going (sponsored by the RAF you'll be relived to hear).
  10. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    No worries. You have done the spade work. Well done.
  11. Welbeck is tied to the technical corps (R SIGNALS, RLC, RE, etc.) and Welbeck graduates are expected to commission into one of these. While there are one or two RAC officers who went to Welbeck, these are in the extreme minority and it is only by exception that Welbexians are permitted to join anything other than the aforementioned corps. If the OP wishes to join the RAC, he should steer clear of Welbeck; although a sixth form scholarship, university bursary or university cadetship (if such things still exist) should definitely be considered.
  12. And just to add to BC's piece, a technical degree will be of no real benefit to you in the RAC anyway. If you find yourself looking good for a high end tech job later in your career, the Army will put you on a MSc anyway (BTC).

    Grow your hair and go and have fun a t a decent civi uni. Plenty of time for the Army lifestyle once you commission.
  13. Been doing some more research, and after speaking to ACA, I'm interested in FR (or whatever its called nowadays) regiments. The QRL particularly appeals, but as we all know they're getting amalgamated. 2020 seems to be the final date, but it it worthwhile having an interest in the QRL?
  14. The QRL are a good bunch. If you have time, wait until the new regimental roles have firmed up. As BC mentions, some of the units will be losing their armour and going onto Jackel. My advice is to make sure you go for a unit that is in the Reactive forces not the Adaptive forces (the 2 groups that units will be split into after 2020).

    All of the planning I've been involved in so far has pointed to the Reactive doing the usual early mentoring or intervention overseas army stuff and the Adaptive picking up all the Op Olympics/ fireman strikes etc. They will do some routine deployments, but since they will be 30% TA (Reactive will be 10%) it will be a slower space. I'm sure some people will disagree with me on this though!
  15. Ideally, I want to work on armoured vehicles- 'tanks' of some sort, be it Challenger of CVR(T). Not too keen on Jackal etc- may as well join the infantry. Post 2020, does anybody know which regiments will be equipped with what, and which ones will be Reactive/Adaptive, or is it just pure speculation at present?