Armoured Recce vehicle overturns on A1

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by top_soldier, Feb 13, 2011.

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  1. I'm in the UOTC and we were with the QOY on the weekend, some of us had been rattling around Catterick in their scimitars on the Saturday. Good to know that they're all OK though, seemed like a good bunch of people. Does make me wonder what would have happened if the fault they suffered had happened on the training area though!
  2. I've been in a Scorpion that has toppled on two different occasions, careless I know, but if and that's a big if you can get the seat down you're generally ok. Any idea what Sqn?
  3. The Sqn from York. I've seen the pictures & how the hell none of the crew were injured beggars belief!
  4. Y Squadron from York. It was them and D squadron from Newcastle that were training, and as the overturned Scimitar was heading to York, I'd imagine that it was Y squadron.
  5. I'll ask for further and better particulars when I turn in tonight.
  6. At least when wuperts wode horses, they could rely on the nag to stay on track even if they got distracted.
  7. Two of the guys killed in HCR in Iraq died after their Scimitar overturned. Boxy seems quite lucky really I know it can turn quite nasty when it happens, nearly done it myself.
    Really the driver is in the safest boat due to the barrel protecting the angle of the vehicle when it's upside down. I know Ferrets had the same issues, couple of guys killed in Cyrpus in that manner - glad they made it out all OK.
  8. Very lucky, after the first time I made sure my seat worked!
  9. A quick update: all crew were extracted in one piece and with only minor trouser soilage.
  10. Thanks for the update, any chance of the photos?, I'll visit my lot tonight.