Armoured Quals

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Biffta112, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. Armoured or not - PSBC/Sp Wpns/Underwater flamethrower. Speak to your RSCMO.
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  2. Didn't think to ask him........ Due to the current situation in my Battalion he is a bit busy. PSBC etc, no way! I didn't know that was another way to get senior qualified. Thanks for the pointless response......

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  3. In which case, might I suggest that you apply for an immediate transfer to the RAF as a mess steward- go on, you know you want to.
  4. sp wpns is one way. also RIGs and DMIs will help but not too sure how much beyond corporal this will help you. I know in my battalion it is now expected everyone will do scbc/psbc as there is plenty on these courses that help towards commanding a wagon.
  5. Regimental Signals Senior (RSS) or what ever it's called these days, a variety of stores course are also available to those who prefer a desk to a ditch.
  6. RIGs (Regtl Instr Gunnery) quals you to WO2 and is currently gold dust with the Warrior CSP trials (new turret and stabilised 40mm Cannon) ongoing. DMI (Driver Maint Instr) is also a sound warmer in bank to CSgt but RIGs is the dogs nads. SCBC and PSBC keep you mainstream to CPl and Sgt respectively and you should try and do these in addition to RIGs to keep your options as broad as possible. If in doubt do RIGs - Army 2020 renamed Armoured Brigades to Armoured Infantry Bdes. Warrior is the new Carrier 😉

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