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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by madtaff, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone here has been posted too/give me any info on 211 Sqn 1 Div, 207 Sqn 7th Armoured or 30 Sigs (due to put in posting preferences soon and although I'm aware that there is a good chance I'll get none of my preferences I'd at least like to try to put down some postings that are decent-ish an will provide me with good experience)

  2. 30 aren't armoured.

    Panzers are shit if you're any taller than your average Gurkha child.
  3. Yeah I knew 30 weren't armoured their Falcon, though info there would be appreciated too.
  4. Accommodation's pretty good, cookhouse is shite. Falcon used to be **** but might actually work by now. I didn't enjoy 30 when I was there but it was years back. Everyone has to wear gay little luminous belts walking from the hangars to the blocks because it's dark and Gurkhas can't drive. The area's alright, handy for the motorway and there's a fair bit to do. Nuneaton's shit on the piss but Reflex is full of fat birds who'll put out. Tuesday nights is student nights in Jumping Jack's in Coventry. It's full of student birds dressed like whores and it's 90p a drink. That is Coventry's only redeeming feature.
  5. Cheers

    they're making everyone at 11sigs wear the gay day glow belts too now because a course nearly got taken out by one of the Gurkha wives.
  6. I love duty rumour.

    It isn't just Blandford they are worn at. RAF Cosford is the RAF phase 2 establishment and they all wear full hi vis vests not bands.
  7. They're also wearing hi viz clothing on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico but I don't think there are any Ghurka wives driving in that location.

    I've just fired off a polite e mail to the oil companies berating them on their H&S overkill tactics.
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