armoured or light role infantry?

im stuck between which battalion join, iv got friends throughout the light role, but i think careerwise amoured would be much more practical & interesting experience. anybody got any ideas or views?
If you know people in light role, why not ask them why they did it?

In my experience, it doesn't matter what you do, if you've got a few friends in the same job life can be much easier.
I have served in both mechanized and light units and have to say the only differance is in the former you don't have to walk as much and in the latter you don't have to spend endless hours performing maintenance or cleaning vehicles. Of course, that was in my nation's military so perhaps there are key differances in the UK forces I am not aware of.


I've only ever been light role, I have been informed by some mates who're and have been armoured.

In a light role battalion when you're not doing phys, lessons or barrack guards you'll most likely be off playing your xbox (unless the CQMS has some shit jobs that need doing). In armoured units you spend all day every day doing jobs on the wagons, if you have no jobs to do then you'll end up doing the tank park shuffle.

Of course different battalions work in different ways and your Plt Sgt, Plt Comd, CSM and OC will have a massive impact on what you do.
i'm armoured and the above statement is correct, always jobs to do on the vehicles

on telic we operated almost 100% in the armoured role, and on herrick i'd say about 80% light role

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