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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Peter-Pan, Dec 20, 2008.

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  1. Bit of a cold war warrior me, you know old tin hat and SLR. Now I was never an infantry man but back in the day an infantry section used to be 7 blokes and a section commander to make 8. But reading about the exploits of Johnson Beharry and the Armoured Infantry boys in Iraq it occurs to me that warrior has room for 7 'dismounts ' in the back.
    Question being, how is a Warrior equipped armoured infantry section organised these days ? Is the vehicle commander also the section commander ? If not does an Armoured Infantry section consist of 6 guys plus a Cpl ? ..............Funny the things that bother u when you're bored.
  2. The driver & gunner are not part of the section. The commander is also the Section Commander. From reading the same (I think) book, (open to correction on this), but if the section commander wants to get his boots dirty he either has to climb out of the turret or the turret has to facing the rear for him to be able to get out via the back door.

    There are 7 dismounts.
  3. Erm... not really unless you cram them in like sardines, and there'd be no room for support weapons. A half section (fire team) per warrior is the standard in sandy places.
  4. In warriors we would patrol as two full sections in two warriors.

    The warrior would be crewed by (In theory) "Charlie." (Drivers and qualified gunners would often cause this to vary) Delta would act as dismounts.
  5. Quick question, are infantry crew, drivers and gunners interchangable, as a RAC Creman was trained to do all jobs in the tank, so are warrior etc infantry crews trained the same, or is a gunner just that (besides his infantry trade)
  6. it depends on the OC of the company and manning, in my unit the section commder where possible will sit in the back, then you have to put your trust in possibly a L/Cpl to talk you on to the tgt before de busing. Seems to work well in my particular unit we have been armoured for 8 years now.
  7. crew: driver, gunner, section commander

    in the back

    dismount commander, 5 x riflemen, dismount 2ic
  8. 7 in the back? Seriously? With support weapons?
  9. Support weapons in this context being?
  10. Support weapons most likely being GPMG i would guess
  11. GPMGs, maybe LAWs, and mortars? Daysacks with kit, Radios, batteries? etc
  12. Isn't there a cubbyhole for LAWs and another for personal kit? (left and right sides of the wagon respectively)

    That said, it's probably full of radios and assorted electronic goodies these days.

    In a similar vein, I suppose, I got shown around the Bulldog at DVD this year and the BAE bloke was saying that it was originally intended for 12. Maybe if they were very skinny through never bringing their lunchboxes.
  13. And that is whats wrong with procurement today, bloody idiots in charge of the projects have no idea about life in the field/ on ops. :x
  14. He did say that the original spec dated back to the early 1960's, when there was decidedly less stuff to carry.

    Most sources credit it with space for ten, but eight would make more sense.
  15. :twisted: 12 in a bulldog ????

    anorexic supermodels?

    the commanders hatch alone is a giggle with osprey
    same as warrior too f ing small in the turrets with all of todays equipment