Armoured infantry on Herrick

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by salty6270, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. I hear a lot about light role battalions in Afghanistan but never hear much about amoured infantry. I was on Herrick 5 so before Warriors were out there so I'm wondering if anyone has been on Herrick recently who can say what kind of roles Warriors were doing or share any experiences they had with them
  2. I am going armoured infantry and hopefully will go on tour this year...i would also like to know the answer to this question havent been able to find anything either!
  3. A mate was recently on Herrick in Warrior and supposedly the Taliban were on the whole too scared to engage them when they went out in them. This was clearly a bit of an issue, so they had to patrol on foot using the warriors for tasks such as resupply.
  4. the warrior coy in herrick is only a coy! i think the whole battalions going out tend to get more media attention.

    coy's from
    scots guards
    4 scotts
    1 PWRR have done tours

    theres videos on youtube
  5. Also good info in the PWRR 2008 journal.

    The current Warrior coy is from 2 Royal Welsh.
  6. next coy to deploy is from 2 royal welsh also
  7. They are just not stupid enough to take on an armoured vehicle such as a Warrior with RPG's and small arms fire. That's what IED's are for! I don't believe the taliban are scared of taking anybody on and i've done 2 summer tours since 2006 so should have a clue in these regards. They are a brave and mostly determined enemy although they do stink are are still ragheads! :D
  8. I dunno, they wouldn't attack us because we'd been sat in the sun for 5 hours. Though the 81 we set up and the 30 .50s and GMGs might have put the off a bit as well.
  9. No way. They were obviously topping up their own tans! :D
  10. Possibly, though our terp begged to differ
  11. i was on herrick with the warrior and when we first went out on patrol the ragheeds took us on with rpg's and small arms,but after we smashed them up a few times they hid when we showed up,fuckin pussies,and when we took them on in the light role we smashed them up. :D
  12. i was on herrick 8/9 with the warrior they're good for protection,but shite when your stuck in the back of one for hours,i preffered doin light role ops,more fun and trigger time :)
  13. Pussies?

    Or just using some common sense! I don't believe anyone could call the taliban pussies. Not unless they are as nails as you. :)
  14. I certainly wouldn't call a disciplined enemy who fights without body armour, without vehicles, radios, medical support and without breaks a pussy. It would beg the question, if they're pussies, why are we taking eight years to defeat them?
  15. I didn't realise Herrick was out on XBox.

    Either that or the retard Bn from a previous thread has materialised.