Armoured Humvee - Damaged


Am I right in thinking that our Landrovers dont get exposed to this level of attack or do they jsut not manage to survive it?
Do we use our Warrior vehicles in the role tht this one appear to have been used?
I've seen pigs take more stick than that, Thats what you get when you attempt to up-armour a bag-o-shite.
But we have tried to up armour the Land rover before now - Shortlands etc in Northern Ireland.

Im jsut wondering whether the damage this has recieved is due to it not being up to the job, or whether it being perfectly good at what it is meant to do but ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Well, Land Rovers are designed to let rockets pass straight through them... fcuk whoever's inside mind! reckon the guys inside that Hummer had headaches. It looks like its been rolled! Remember seein a 3/4 ton GS in '92 which had a rocket hole straight through the base back body next to the wheel arch and was still driveable! It's bloody difficult driving a Humvee with one wheel missing!
I think the wheel is being changed - The lack of damage to the wishbones Coil-overs and CV suggest it wasnt blown off and they have run flats as standard.

Mind you I still dont think you could sell it under "one careful lady owner"
Maybe the wheels were being nicked as the photo was taken?

Is that a Scouser in the picture?

Certainly a good advert for "US" trucks! :lol:

Give me a Wolf anyday. But not the fuel bill!
Some of the attacks which have caused casualties in British forces in Iraq have involved armoured "snatch" LRs as originally used in NI, and subsequently in Kosovo and elsewhere. These are our nearest equivalent to the armoured HMMVW. The only question which really matters in the present operational environments is the state of the HMMVW occupants after that attack, not the cosmetic state of the veh after the event.

Is that an IDF Hummer?
to be fair if you moved all the rubble off that humvee it doesnt look that badly damaged at all. is that claret on the first picture? anyone know the story behind it? looks like they could have ram raided a bank or something, would add factuality to tartans post of scousers being about!!
You can tell its an IDF Hummer by the gauzing on the side portholes (arr!), the hebrew caption in the first picture and the Israeli uniform!
fancy trying to uparmour using rocks!!!
How about this one so..

Ran over a land mine and a 155mm round or two. (A common combo in our area) Blew the entire front off and flipped the vehicle onto its roof. Only minor injuries sustained. You can see that the armored compartment (Firewall/wheel wells back) is completely intact.



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It ain't going to pass an MOT, some of the lights are broken!
Howdy... Been a while since I've browsed these forums...

As for the Hummv... yes it's being used for a job it was not designed... it was meant to replace the old whillies jeeps of days gone by. But now we're using them as armored cars etc.

Well they are doing a great job once everything is fixed... They are fast, safe and mobile... Granted if you hit the wrong IED it don't matter what you are riding in, and once we dismount... well we know how that is.

But the fixes being put into the Hummv is working, don't know diddley about your LR's... but I know I'm content knowing with a bit of luck my ride will get me to the fight.

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