Armoured Fist 3


Armoured Fist 3 by Novalogic, bought it on sunday for £9.95 (inc p&p) arrived this morning, its fùcking ace - anyone else got it as i want to blow the sh¡t out of stuff (virtually) :D :D :D
MMmmmmmm, not sure MM. I found it whilst looking for a review of AF3. Its an .exe file you use in conjunction with AF3 programme. I think it's a cheat, but dare you open it??

I have an Xbox and N64. I love playing (with myself) and Golden Eye, an old classic. I've played Medal of Honour over the internet, but I thought it was kak (cos I couldn't beat the feekers).
Golden Eye on the N64 is truly amazing - im undefeated 8)
Ill send you a copy of AF3 if you, but you wont win so prob wont enjoy it :D

if you wanna hunt septics online in any of the(pc) medal of honour/ call of duty sessions on gamespy I'll gladly join a redneck hunt! :twisted:
How can I express my disappointment that this thread has not been rescued and sent into sexual hell with a reference to armoured chaps and *******?! Where are the low life when someone needs them?

Red Alert 2. Funny as anything.
CombatBooBah - is that challenge :D
oh please say yes :twisted:

P.S im now in possession of a number of head garments all safely attached via elasticord to my shirts :wink:
MOHAA or No One lives Forever.

But MOHAA on Gamespy will do just fine. Except you have to watch for the cheating keybinding Sniper Fcuks
Delta Force used to be a giggle. One of the few times I went on line with it, I went into a game called 'serious snipers only'. There was only 3 people in the game and it had been running for about 2 hours with no kills!

The long and the short of it was that these tools had been schnirgling for this time doing nothing but 'watching' with lots of baiting on the instant chat. One of the 'gods' of the game had been larging it saying how he was the best and would take everybody out (turned out he was a 17 year old spotty faced geek in the national guard). Well, i clocked him fairly easily and boxed round him (as he was still giving it the 'Im feeking God routine), crept up behind him, slit his throat and dropped a grenade in his crevice then left calling him a c ock. Made me larf anyway!

Talking of cheating, I remember some wag on Delta force advising some nig in a multi player game of a 'top cheat'. He said on instant chat "press ctl-alt F2, look down then stand still". Nig tried it and it was the command to 'load phos grenade, pull pin, drop on feet'. Nig burned in a Nikki Lauder style. Tops.

Ok, this is all very sad and you should all go out and meet real girls!! Geeks!

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