Armoured Fist 3

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by scotscop, Apr 20, 2004.

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    Armoured Fist 3 by Novalogic, bought it on sunday for £9.95 (inc p&p) arrived this morning, its fùcking ace - anyone else got it as i want to blow the sh¡t out of stuff (virtually) :D :D :D
  2. whats it do?

    im guessing thats not you accepting my challenge :twisted:
  3. MMmmmmmm, not sure MM. I found it whilst looking for a review of AF3. Its an .exe file you use in conjunction with AF3 programme. I think it's a cheat, but dare you open it??

    I have an Xbox and N64. I love playing (with myself) and Golden Eye, an old classic. I've played Medal of Honour over the internet, but I thought it was kak (cos I couldn't beat the feekers).
  4. Golden Eye on the N64 is truly amazing - im undefeated 8)
    Ill send you a copy of AF3 if you, but you wont win so prob wont enjoy it :D
  5. Story of my life.
  6. so is that a yes :D
    after i kill you ( i hope or i'll look a fool ) we can hunt some septics :D
  7. GH,MM

    if you wanna hunt septics online in any of the(pc) medal of honour/ call of duty sessions on gamespy I'll gladly join a redneck hunt! :twisted:
  8. How can I express my disappointment that this thread has not been rescued and sent into sexual hell with a reference to armoured chaps and *******?! Where are the low life when someone needs them?

    Red Alert 2. Funny as anything.
  9. now its time to take the berat less one down a peg or two
    name the time of headress less one :twisted:
  10. AF 3 is one of the best games I have ever played

    just stick it on advanced mode let the AI drive and blast the enemy.
  11. CombatBooBah - is that challenge :D
    oh please say yes :twisted:

    P.S im now in possession of a number of head garments all safely attached via elasticord to my shirts :wink:
  12. its a challenge all right name the time and date
  13. NOW! head to the naafi we will discuss your demise :D
  14. MOHAA or No One lives Forever.

    But MOHAA on Gamespy will do just fine. Except you have to watch for the cheating keybinding Sniper Fcuks