Armoured Farmer - A Tankies Tale - A review

Discussion in 'RAC' started by AlienFTM, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

  2. Thanks for the review AFTM, Glad you liked it. Quick update, 2nd proof is almost with me, that having been'll be in print.........................................soon. Ta.
  3. All
    Very quick update, 2nd proof copy landed this morning I and AFTM will get thru it asap and then we should be ready to go!!!! Thank god!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I've found out that the book's arrived at my mate's house. he's the only one who's told me so, hopefully everyone else's has or shortly will...........
    Letter to publisher
    Where the feck is my own order???!!!! You TTTTTTWWWWWAAAAATTTTTT!
  5. All
    It would appear that the book's arrived most everywhere except with me. I'm starting to get good feedback - no bad as yet - it's basically as PM's so if anyone has read it and liked it...or not? Please be kind enough to post in here, your input is valued - that way I won't hopefully make the same mistake in Armoured Farmer - Return of the Jelly!!! 8O Once again, thanks for your support. Those of you who haven't bought!!!........Please!!
  6. All
    I'm continueing to get really good feedback on the book, here's a review in the Western Morning News.
    Slightly concerned, the printers print 'on demand' so, if you order you will get it but, I'm not sure on timings.
    Waterstones and WH Smith have it on their 'special order' lists but, they are at the mercies of the publisher. Any probs please contact me. Cheers for your support. :D
  7. It's also on Amazon....Malc.Got mine ages ago....crackin book.Although i don't believe the bit about the guy with the 1100 Morris with no paperwork..LMAO.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Not received yet :(

  9. Mate
    When did you order??
    I'm really distressed to hear these publishing problems upon return from a really good holiday.
    Email me at home and give me your details I'll kick the publisher's arrrse for you!!!
  10. Well as BlackAdder would say
    "Bugger me sideways with a fishfork".
    In the November issue of Soldier mag the book has a review, I would have liked more meat on the bones but I'll settle with 'fascinating insight into life inside a steel monster'.
  11. Just finished the book A3B and I really enjoyed it. It seems that the antics of someone who spent his career on tanks differed slightly to those of us who experienced life both on tanks and armoured recce plus a completely different role in NI. I hope mine (when I eventually finish it!) can come close to yours in a literary sense.
  12. Thanks Dave H for the kind words mate. I hope people will buy loads of copies as Xmas presents but, well, we'll have to see. Did you get my words on the last chapter you sent me?
  13. Can't say I did; I was waiting for you to respond so I could send you my next chapter (chap 4?).

  14. Aye
    And put a word document attachment to it and replied to the originating work? email address mate. 8O
  15. See PM mate