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Can anybody tell me where/if i can find the dress regulation that armoured engineers are to wear berets with No 2 dress ???? and any comments on this subject please feel free
Don't think it is in RE Dress Regs, but when I was attached to 32 in Munsterlager 80-83, we all wore berets with No2's which was great, saved you wearing a t**t hat.
Was also great when we wentr on JMC/SMC etc and when asked by RD where was your Hat, it was great to reply, sorry attached to the Armoured Engineers so don't have one.
You can't beat getting one over the RD.
lots of reasons why i know. tanks, larkspur headsets and all that, i am trying to find somewhere it says it in black and white !!


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I know this is an old thread , but i still got my oily beret from 31 days, only trouble is it dont fit me now that I am 57 !
Do you guys st
rill wear yer overall legs over yuor gaiters ? and your belt around your necks ? ahh happy daze .
Before I joined the army I couldn't spell engineer, now I are one....;-)

I think you might need to look at the history of the armoured corps for the answer. I am sure it was because the guys with the guntanks didn't wear them and it was something of an honour amongst kindred folks...a battle honour perhaps as the two corps spent many hours fighting together from the inception of the armoured farmers back in WW2. And each other in Hohne NAAFI afterwards.

Never tried a larkspur headset on with a twat hat, not even as a joke, and my head has been attired with some interesting garb in the name of a joke...
We used to have the same argument at 25 AES.................

However, if you look at Corps Memoranda dated Feb 2009, appendix 1 to annex b to chapter 14:

Beret, blue i. Is worn with Nos 2, 4, 13 or 14 Dress by those serving in 32 Engr Regt in recognition of their armoured heritage and their connection to 79 Armd Div (see Bulls Head Flash entry for more detail).
So then.......Twat hats all round then?

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