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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by re0790, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. Alright guys. I start my phase 1 in September. Im going in as an Armoured Engineer. Wondered if anyone had any info on the armoured training? (and also wots the fitness requirements like) :?:
  2. since when have armd farmers been fit .. ha ha ha
  3. Can I choose wot reg i get attached to
  4. you dont do fitness training you do Pie eating,

    BFT =Big fat tankie CFT= Crew of fat tankies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. how long before i can do the all arms commando course
  6. Is Armoured a trade again now?
  7. re0790 i am at Bovy and i may well be one of your instrs you will be doing PT as you will be in the training Sqn, It is nothing you can not do having been to Gib.
    Yes armd is a trade again
  8. re0790, Why are you asking about how fit do you need to be to be in an armoured unit, then in the next breath ask about the All Arms commando Course. If you do pass the AACC you won’t be ridding around on anything much heavier than planks for 3 years.

    I would hope (not believe) that the fitness level for all coming out of training is the same irrelevant of future trade or regiment. However if you are going to 59 or 9 be prepared to put in that extra mile (or 10) that extra pull up and have the positive attitude required to pass one of the most demanding courses available.

    I would seriously consult with someone (face to face) who has been there and passed before you put your name down.
  9. I should be okay then. I was just wondering as well, is armoured engineer quite a popular choice of trade for new recruits, or do most people become brickis and stuff like that.

    I wanna do armoured engineer for 3-5 years then hopefully do combat engineering at 59 commando or 9 para.
  10. It'll never happen fella once you get sucked into the world of armd engr you, as Mcvicar's wife said in the film, will "Never get out!"
  11. Surely if I nag them enough the get pissed of and let me move
  12. i'd suggest you concentrate on your first posting and see what it's all about........get your phys squared away...speak to the odd bloke who's worn a funny coloured beret and get an idea on what you need to do. :wink:
    and as fer you chunkies.....i'm sure you lot have got a few rather "large" callsigns tucked away in those g10's :hungry: :D
  13. I think you need to concentrate on what you have got coming up and keep your head down and listen to what you are being taught.
    You will have a lot to learn and you are not helping yourself out at the min.
  14. .....just thought I would give you one major piece of advice....

    [align=center]' Do NOT listen to Nightrained '

  15. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    But surely he has SO much experience??!! :?