Armoured engineers and combat engineering.

Somebody said in a previous thread, when i mentioned that i'd like to be an armoured engineer, that it would be better to do combat engineering instead. Problem is, i thought armoured engineers were still fully trained combat engineers, and if not, how much combat engineering do they actually do? I wouldn't ask, but combat engineering is the main reason for me wanting to join the corps.
Ithought all Engineers were Combat Engineers and and you would only be Armoured if you were in a regt which was an Armoured Regt supporting an Armoured Bde??? I kno differnt Regts have differnt roles but i dont think you get Armoured Engineer courses like you do Combat Engineer??? i could be wrong though
I did research it, it's just the way somebody said "wouldn't you rather do combat engineering?" in a previous thread that made it seem like it was one or the other, if that's not the case then i'm sorted, and i thought armoured engineers provided support to mainly amoured units first as opposed to general engineering? Mariolario, i was given it as a job choice, and on the brief it say's after phase 2 you do 17 weeks at bovington, so i'd assume it was a trade? or is it just engineers driving round in engineer tanks. How much combat engineering would an armoured engineer actually do?
I know it's slightly different these days to when I was in, left '99, however, you are a Combat Engineer no matter what and have a trade as an Armoured Engineer. Your day to day work will be on the tanks, but you can also do knocker tasks when asked to.

I was lucky enough to have 4 trades whilst I was in and by far the best one to have was Armd.
Brilliant, thanks for the info guys, iv'e got armoured as my first choice, then fitter, then heating and plumbing. Now to get my running shoes on and sort my 1.5 time out.
funnily enough i recently passed ADSC with armoured engineer as my first choice.
As has been mentioned already...ALL Armoured Engineers are trained Combat Engineers and the majority are also Tradesmen. Just because you are put in a tank do not expect to stay in it all the time.....there are always times when the chunkies need extra hands when they start getting tired on their bridge builds/gallops. :twisted: If you go to a Close Support Squadron you will do a lot of Cbt Engr Trg...and i'm sure most tour/ops work at the mo is Combat and Artisan 8)
What the f***k. I dont mind admiting am none the wiser after all that .
After one has completed ones B3 would one be expected to do any further training before joining their Armoured Regt????
Could someone in the kno please explain
Right Then, pull up a sandbag and listen in. When you have passed your B3 combat engr course you will go and do you class 2 trade. Which could be Artisan, Technical or Armoured as it is now a trade and not a spec quals, however i do beleive due to low manpower they are letting people still do it as a specialist trade. So some people might still be lucky to be Combat Engrs + Tradesmen + Armoured farmers. If your in a close support or armoured unit you will work on the Armoured tanks the majority of the time on excercise etc. When you go on tour you will usually be doing your artisan or technical trade if you have one or you will act as a labourer if you dont have a trade other than armoured. When you go on excercise you will guaranteed be pulled of your tank to help the poor knockers to combat engineering tasks because they get tired and can't cope without us Armoured Engrs. Bless em! hopefully this will make it clearer.

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