Armoured Engineer

Saw this joke on the Armoured Engineer website and thought i'd share it with all you other sappers.

Three Sappers were on their way to Heaven when they met God sitting on his chair. God said “What did you do in the Royal Engineers”?
The first Sapper replied “I am a Field Engineer, I built bridges, repaired roads, rebuilt war damaged communities and I saw lots of active service”. God said “ Sit on my right young man”.
Next the second Sapper came in and God said “What have you done”? “God, I am an Amphibious Engineer, I built floating bridges along with everything else the field Sapper has done”. God said “Would you like to sit on my left”.
God looked at the last Sapper who was dirty and dripping with oil, and said to him, “What did you do?” The Sapper replied: “God, I am an Armoured Engineer and I believe you are sitting in my seat”.
:p ahhhh...diesel grubs! You under that chiefy...wanna special coffee??hehehe...well,when yer done come up and sit on these nice warm louvres and you can dry out don't think about doing any ruddy banjos in the turret!!hehehe
ahh what i'd give for a loaded coffee and a oil stained banjo now.
LMFAO :lol: I like that one

Axeman said:
MMMMM egg banjoes made with OM13 or compo marge coz your sprog spilt all the good oil.

Oh for f**k sake I said I'm sorry!!! some old sweats just don't know when to drop it!!

although egg banjos were top I miss the field cheese burger!! a bit of cheese pocessed and a slice of burger and maybe if you feel lucky add a bacon grill as well!!

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