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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by ross19, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. ite guys ive had a look on the stickys and i cant see anything about the phase to side of training. can i get a little help please, bout what i will be conducting, i no a bit like but a little more i think will do me for my interiew with the officers thanks
  2. not in the sticky's.

    do a search.

    but do your homework on........................................

  3. i knew you'd get there first! :roll: chunky! hehehe

    After you've completed your basic training then gone and done your Combat Engineer training (and possibly been at your unit for a few weeks) will eventually end up at Bovington, Dorset.

    You'll carry out your initial training on a light AFV (432 or CVRT Spartan)and cover Radio training. Then once you have passed your H licence progress onto Trojan and Titan.

    You will learn all things mechanical and wonderful in the business that is Counter Mobility and Mobility Support.

    The delights of pastries and savories are optional :wink:

    anyone straight out of the factory and who has just been trained on T&T please update this as you see fit 8)
  4. I didn't know that 432 and CVR(T) had been added to the Armd Engr course.
  5. i was under the impression they did either so they'd save on track mileage and be more "AFV" aware before they got to the bigger stuff. this is how the RAC conduct their training...i could be wrong! :wink:
  6. [​IMG]

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