Armoured Engineer Regiments

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Avre, Jul 19, 2004.

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  1. Now that most Engr Regts have been close support for a while just wondered if people prefered the old system of having dedicated Armoured Engineer Regiments or the new close support way of having the tanks spread out ?
  2. It has to be the old way...let the chunkies get on with what they're good at...and leave us to get on with what we're good at. 8) .(better smokers for a start!!)
  3. who knows farmers , one day you might get tanks that keep up with the battlegroup and don't kneed a dedicated battalion of REME to keep you on the road....... now that would be close support. :roll: :wink:
  4. Ahhh just jealous of the mighty chieftain but do not fret the new beasties are on their way!!! Titan and Trojan Challenger 2 Hybrids hopefully be gracing a battlefield near you 2005 (or 06,07,08, etc)
  5. do you boys still wear greatcoats on excercise , and sneak down to the dems ranges to steal wheels off the "targets" :wink:
  6. Great coats were long ago replaced by the old dpm parkas and yes last time i was in BATUS i will admit to stealing numerous road wheels off the hard targets oh the shame of it :cry:
  7. close support , god that was scary , changing 73 sqn from a wheeled sqn, into an armoured sqn, and giving those 17 year old`s a avlb with a chuffing , No 8 ontop ,scared the boxheads to death :lol:
  8. The Armoured Engineer Regiment (singular) was the better idea, didnt have to mix with chunks all the time for a start. All the support there knew what was needed and the REME became pretty expert at dealing with the nuances of Chieftain. If they could move it back to Munsterlager it would be a bonus too, only if the main drag was shortened, it was a hell of a way back to the village.
  9. Being on ROP's and having quick change parades back and forth to block 108 wasn't much fun i can tell you. Went back to Munsterlager about a year ago the camp is still basically the same, but town has changed loads ofull of spics and Russian Mafia types.
  10. hahaha...nice one AXEMAN...and i totally agree...rumour control has it that they might go back to having an armd engr regt in Germany and one in the this for that main drag...use to take me 8 mins to walk from 108 down to the corner house when i was a bad boy...hehehe
  11. You are telling porkies you were always a good little sapper.
  12. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  13. hehehe..well....if anyone would like any questions answering on Trojan/Titan then fire for greatcoats and nicking bits off hard wouldn't be the same if we didn't do it!!lol...the old jackets were called "job jackets"(cut down greatcoats) only the real old and bold wore them at the beginning of my time...but were always something you kept your eyes and fingers out for!!(until you got yer hands on a parka of course!!)
  14. is it an urban myth that you had to borrow a road wheel off of the cent. AVRE in munsterlager museum ??

    and less of the knocker bashing you weirdos. :wink:
  15. hey armoured farmrs , is toytown still ther or not ?