Armoured Engineer- future of trade.

Talking to an infantry bloke in the careers office and he said that the Armoured Engineer trade is being reduced and the're not interested in taking anymore. The Royal Engineer that I had spoken to previously hadn't mentioned that and said Armoured Engineers love their job. I had it as one of my options.

What is happening to that trade? I would like to be a combat engineer like all Royal Engineers but still unsure on which trade. Plant Operator Mechanic is also one I'd like to do.
There's various re-roling going on at the moment so if armoured squadrons go there will be a requirement for less armoured engineers (bearing in mind though there are only 30 - 40 tankies per Squadron). There is a real shortage of tank commanders at the moment though, with quite a tidy bonus for JNCOs who re-trade to tankie.
You say there's a shortage tank commanders? I guess loads of them have been made redundant? Are the rest of tankies inexperienced? Or is the training for a commander exceptionally hard with a high failure rate and long duration?

The infantry bloke was trying to get me in the household cavalry. Initially I was against it because of annoying tourists, but now I think I might have it as an option.
not much call for it in civ-div though, always think of your future after the military.
No, loads haven't been made redundant. For a period in the 90's/2000's armoured engineer wasn't a stand alone trade, it was an additional qualification. You made the choice to stay in the armoured stream at around full screw level. Armoured engineer then became a stand alone trade again in the mid 2000's, however because of Afghanistan, tankies weren't getting used "in-role" up until a couple of years ago, and even then it was just a troop. Now, looking forward to contingency operations there is a real requirement for armoured engineers at crew commander level.

The infantry guy in the careers office obviously has been told to get blokes into the Household Cavalry. Stick to your guns and stay with the Royal Engineers. Like Knocker said though, there's not a huge call for armoured engineers outside the Army so think of an alternative trade.

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