Armoured Corps and REME T Shirts

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Arthur3bums, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. Right chaps, I've put this up to do a bit of research, I don't dare post on the REME thread as certain amongst their MODs may get a tad upset, but any of my trusted REME brethren along with you chums in the RAC when visiting may choose to Poll if they wish. Any supplementary feedback you'd care to leave for me would also be gratefully (as always) received.

    The facts, I'm currently out of work and am looking to get my artwork out and about in order to keep the Bank Manager away from my door. I have just designed and risked my Mastercard balance on producing a T Shirt for my Armoured Farmers brotherhood (Silver on a Black Fruit of the Loom T Shirt) and the same on mugs all copyrighted to me. When I actually have the first shirts this week I'll post up a photo but this is the proof of the design.
    If you guys and gals like my design I am prepared to tentatively start bringing out a wider range of designs to reflect the pride we all have in Armour and in honour of attached personnel in the form of the REME.
    The designs will be thus, Tankies(heavy Armour CR2), Cavalry(Heavy Armour different CR2 both latest spec), Recce(CVR(T) and a Challenger ARV for the Recy Mechs). They will all have a 'fairly witty' but not derogatory logo reflecting the relevant task on them. Priced in at £14.50 + £1.90 1st class P&P.
    Now, these pictures aren't any of your 'photo pics' they will be original artworks with no unit identity. They will only be available from me unless a unit/PRI wants to commission a unit specific T Shirt/Fleece or whatever to get a bulk discount from me allowing them to maximise profit for them into the relevant unit fund. I will also be donating £1 per shirt sold to individuals to Help for Heroes as I feel it's a very current and worthy charity. If this generates enough interest (no purchase commitment)I will risk producing one shirt of each design to post up on here for your feedback.
    Anyway, please accept this post as it's intended which is not to glorify myself, yes I need to earn a bit of money but at the same time do some good for others. Many thanks for the input and I'll keep you posted as to my progress.

  2. Hmmmnnnn
    120 hits on the thread but only 9 people (thanks to you for taking the trouble) have commited to the poll? Slightly worrying but, well we'll see.
  3. I wouldnt worry about the number of hits. I'm not a tanky!

    Smart though.
  4. Hi Detonator mate
    All are welcome within the RAC halls. Glad you like the shirt design, all I can say is watch this space as more is to come and I intend to design for all the corps within the Army, who knows maybe Navy and RAF? I just don't want to flood all the Corps boards etc with my blurb.
    From little Acorns do....................etc etc.
    All of my designs that will be unit specific will have less 'stodgy/conventional' capbadges etc, I aim to look more at what people do and how they do it than the unit capbadge.
  5. Go for it A3B, catch up with you later
  6. I'd buy a couple of they were CR2, or CVRT. Though I was with the RTR at Harman Lines. If the design reflected that I may be interested?
  7. There will be a shirt with my artwork of a (latest) CR2. It will be a Silver design on a black shirt and will have the following text ' Tankies do it on tracks'.
    The next (latest) CR2 will be silver on Navy Blue and say 'Cavalry do it with Panache'.
    The next silver on a dark green shirt will be a CVR(T) Scimitar and says 'Recce do it stealthily'.
    Lastly for our Recy Mech friends their will be a CR ARV with 'Recy Mechs do it pulling hard' or something more suitable?

    So, we'll see hopefully sooner than later.
  8. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator


    "Recy Mechs do it for a Yellow Handbag" :D
  9. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    "HQ Sqn do it from a coffin"
  10. Or

    "Elovabloke did it for a pie (lots)" :D
  11. I think the REME would prefer "and on the 8th day god created CRARRV/Recy Mechs/A Mechs"

    What you reckon A3B and any other REME punters on ere?!!

    My bold in Smudgers quote... just to pull his pisher a bit!! :D
  12. ArmySurplusSpecial Mate
    Actually, that's not a bad slogan!! I'll see what the Remlets have to say assuming my old chum VMechA has managed to pull some more people in here?
  13. You cheeky fcuker!! I spent too long in that hole.....looking after shite recce cars, carrying a useless gunfitter, and working for a complete stroker. Bar that it was perfect :)
  14. "Armourers do it with Small Arms" :)
  15. LMFGFA'sO!! Maybe one for the future if there was genuinely enough interest, there will definately be a 'General' REME one though!!!