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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by sirbhp, Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    Talking to an old lag today he said that if they had taKEN or dismissed all the alkies in armoured in the 70's there would be no one left . Is this true ?I know I liked a Pernod or two .

    Just what happens to all these alkies once they hit civvy street .
  2. Ther werent alkies , they were just "Sobriety challenged"
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  3. They joined the Police, Prisons and Fire Services.

    How else could you afford booze civvy prices else!
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  4. Back in the day... It was quite the fashion to be a drinker and a smoker, what with orange suitcases from the NAAFI and du maurier at 1.20DM..... Happy day, or daze.
  5. du could always spot a pad.
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  6. Shared NAAFI in Hohne,1960's with 26 AES later to become 32 Armoured Engineer Regiment,I can confirm drink was taken occasionally.
  7. Hic.......hic......:party:
  8. drinkers just because we had Squadron bars in the blocks and drink and fags were so cheap no need to alcholise us cold war warriors hic. :shaking2:
  9. In the 2SG Social Club it was 25 pffenig for a Bacardi and Coke, that was when it was DM4 = £1

    And while I'm rattling on, who remembers those machines that used to dispense hot tins of food at all hours of the day and night? Sausage and Beans, Ravioi etc:
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  10. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    4 dm to the pound! how did you poor souls survive it were 12 to the pound when i arrived and a bottle one litre mind you was about fifteen bob or seventy fivepence when we went all metric
  11. I do. And the 3rd degree burns that you got trying to eat from the ******* without a spoon when you were pished. Chilli Concarne and a half litre of Danish Milk to reduce blistering to your mouth.
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  12. You again.

    Perhaps if you listened/studied before you wrote ?

    95% of armoured and all other squaddies in the 1970's were what we would now call 'alkies'.

    At Hohne there was nothing else to do.

    No televison, only BFBS, so no real radio either.

    No women.

    Not many bars, or civilization in general.

    Only the SKC cinema that finished at 9pm.

    So what were squaddies left to do ?

    Very few even owned cars in those days and buses did not exist out there.

    p.s. A drink that was banned by part 1 and part 2 orders right across Rhine army at that time was pernod and coke.

    You could have pernod, and you could have coke; but the military bars were not allowed to mix them.
  13. 1973. 7 dm to the quid. Happy day's! Hic!!
  14. I can confirm that alcohol dependency in the 32 Regt carried on well into the eighties.
  15. I can confirm it still goes on now!