Discussion in 'Sappers' started by trojan1, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. Titan and trojan are coming!!! the end of chunkies is nigh!!!!!! :strong:
  2. :threaten: Not while you armoured lot cannot spell:

    Armour or Trojan

    bet you can spell GINSTERS :blowkiss:
  3. Amour? You certainly have a passion... :D
  4. Sorry was busy eating,whilst drinking another crate of beer!!!
  5. Shame you are not allowed to fire PYTHON from inside Trojan - kind of defeats the object of a new vehicle
  6. Can't explain why powers powers above us have said that? i have fired tamdam with trojan!!!!!
  7. You want to watch that eating and drinking mlarrkey the cupola on these isn't as big as the Chiefy was!!!
  8. XG279 works a treat !!!!!!!! :blowkiss:
  9. First you chunkies,next the poms.....armoured Engrs are taking over!!!!!!!
  10. What happened to those new daffs that were supposed to be coming in last month?
  11. Sorry meant HE PYTHON, not Prac. Apparantly they are worried that the top armour would not provide sufficient protection if the hose functioned before it was fully deployed.
  12. That is there thinking.......but what I really want to know is how the feck is that gonna happen anyway :pissedoff: w@nkers :frustrated:
  13. It does seem that they are getting over fluffy.

    The only way I can think that the hose could function on top of the armour is if it was fired directly in the air at 90 degrees to the launch platform which could only be done if the launcher was modified and besides no amount of armour is going to protect you from nearly a ton and a half of HE.

    The method for remote firing is a right heath robinson affair, i hope you guys have brushed up on your misfire drills. The whole thing knda defeats the training purposes
  14. Well 1467kgs to be precise :joker:

    Like you say the launcher would have to be modded or seriously broken to enable the angle to launch straight up, but if it did I do not personally believe the rocket would drag the hose vertically high enough to pull all the retardation kit out of the box aswell-gravity proper sucks :biggrin:
  15. Why does it feel that you have now laid down a challenge to Armoured RE to see if it can be done, probably means more broken launchers for me to deal with. ;-)

    Strangely there is no precision with the weight of filling of the HE hose, individual hoses can differ in charge weight by up to 100Kg.