Armour, good and bad experiences

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by shell_scrape, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. Armoured is best?

  2. Wheeled is best?

  1. Come on then, something to bitch about other than techs v lineys!
  2. Armour for men, wheels for gays.

    Panzer rash. I love it.
  3. You know it makes sense
  4. Thats why I said it duh!!!!

    But cheers anyway.
  5. my old sqn has just lost all its armour.

    crocodile tears all around. no more track pads for leaving do, no more panzer rash, no more smelling like an oil refinery, and no more track bash. gutted!

    always good for morale heading towards a small lane and germans diving for cover and mounting the kurb.

    breaking down 200 metres out of camp.

    watching the rear idler overtake you as you pull up to traffic lights.

    seeing jerry cans and bits of kit all over the road from the packet ahead of you, the last panzers door swinging open. when you try to get level to tell them about the predicament they think you want a race, ignoring your crap hand signals imitating a door and understood as "comon the you bastard i can get 30 mph out of this beast and im gonna have you"
  6. Which one was that?
  7. His old one obviously, duh.

    Armour, ah, luckily I got this out of my system when I was a young lad and had the energy for it.

    Doesn't really do it for now adays.
  8. Well spotted duh!!!!!!!
  9. the premiere sqn in herford.

    the other ones cant drink or fight apparantly.
  10. 212? Spent 4 wonerfull years there!!!!

    Come on Bauer you crow. Where are you?
  11. bauer is still prolly whinging about not coming off and his crap posting which he hates.

    he whinged like hell to get out of 212, now he is pretty much begging to come back
  12. Ha ha ha ha.

    Lanky fecker he is.

    Comms Tp. Be the best!!
  13. bauer named his 43 elanor he had ferrari stickers all over it because he was convinced he hit 38 mph once. tried to get flashed by the gatso near maccy ds too. convinced he was some sort of armoured guru but is about as work shy as me, the numourous "tasty bine breaks" are testament to this.

    dont even deny it bauer. :)

    so yes-sir, would i know you? got to 212 just after they deployed on lucky warrior.
  14. Check you PM's Easy.
  15. The glorious 7Bde is/was the best armoured unit in the CORPS.