Armour and Armd Recce Trg: Your View

Hey all,

Just looking to poke a stick at the brains of the wise and experienced here who have sat in a turret on this topic.

Having state of the art kit is excellent and must have for modern ops etc. But my question to you all is in relation to armd crew (heavy or recce)training.The series of nerve endings behind the effort to pull tilly bars, traverse turrets, scan/aquire/engage, navigating from A to B to Y closed down....whilst bouncing around banging head off sights, blacked out and listening out two nets...trying to get radio messages with correct format and VP to your an effort to avoiding hordes of abuse of sloppy VP for other C/S...and completing the mission.

What are in your experience the vitals when it comes down to Armd Crew training, esp for the Tp/Crew commanders/sgts/cpls? Interested to hear your opinions (pos/neg)on this...


(ps not a gamer,journo etc etc ......I am a newbie here and I am quite aware this question has all the mess tin clanging indicators of said types....cheers!!!!)


A better question would be, is armoured recce necessary in this day and age? Is heavy armour necessary?

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