Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Biscuits_AB, Mar 27, 2006.

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  1. Anybody out there working for these people?
  2. Check your PMs
  3. I applied this week but got this back:

    Thank you very much for expressing an interest in employment with ArmorGroup. We have received your details.

    Having studied your details with interest we regret that we do not have a suitable vacancy for you at present however, should this situation change we will get in touch.

    We do appreciate that this may come as a disappointment and we do wish you the best of luck with your future job search. Thank you again for your interest in ArmorGroup.

    I dunno if that means
    'as soon as something appropriate comes along were gonna pay for you to fly over here and put you up in the ritz with two hookers for the weekend so you can relax before your interview (which will be in your hotel room) on Monday afternoon'

    'Not interested - F*ck off'

    So if you do apply, post up how you get on - Maybe my CV is just sh1t. Tthumbs up they got back to me the day after I sent it!
  4. Suspect it may be the latter mate.
  5. Yeeessssss - me too - why arent these fkrs just honest about it??? I think my CV went to the states office aswell. Maybe I should of found the name of somebody in the UK and sent it to him/her instead. I'm think those scrutinising on recruitment sites and HR people in companies need a good fkn shoeing!!!
    Or maybe I just cant handle rejection - you probably suspect the latter again right???!!!
  6. Its tough on anyone mate. Your best bet is to find someone already in the game and ask them to either recommend you or advise you on selection. Like so many things in life, it is not what you know so much as who ........
  7. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Look elsewhere.

    There are plenty of companies out there looking for recycled soldiers, some good, some not so good. Industry gossip has it that Armor fall in the latter category, especially when it comes to duty of care and looking after their own.
  8. Biscuits,

    check your PM mate
  9. think you'll find the email you received is an outomatically generated one when they hit the no thanks button. If you want feedback, you will need to phone them.
  10. Friend of mine working for Armor last year.Nearly completed his time to qualify for bonus,but when home on time off he was told contract had been cancelled.He learn't later that they had hired new guns to avoid paying the bonus's.This seems to be a regular occurence,but they write the rules and there are plenty of blokes on their waiting lists,so they can be fast and loose with anyone.When you work for these companies its very different to anything else,you have to take the rough with good pay etc. Armor are supposed to be one of the best operating out there,and as far as i'm aware they make their own rules.Given a chance most would jump at the offer of working for them,I would.

  11. There may be more to it than that reference the bonus etc. ArmorGroups Mine Action Division are almost certainly the number one Mine Clearance/EOD Company out there, full comp Insurance, Medex cover, good wages and very good logistical back up; I know their Security Division is similar but they have hired an awful lot of people, over 1000 Contractors in Iraq at one time. For anyone looking at joining AG, I wouldn't take any notice of the thread opening message, it was probably something to do with the C.V. content i.e. background, experience and employability, you don't get something if you don't put any effort in, if you don't 'fit' or you simply are not up to AG's obvious high standards, try sending your C.V. to several other companies and not just to the one and your world falls apart because you haven't even made the interview stage...

  12. Horses for courses...

    Plenty of other organisations out there if you're looking for particular slots of the sort that AG have. The most obviously competent I've come across (in the ME although not Iraq) are Vinnell.
  13. All the firms out there pick up new contracts and drop out on current ones the whole time, it is client-led, the bottom line is that a firm will take people on when they need staff and drop them when they don't (as per the clients demands).

    If you have the appropriate CV (and lets face it, most of those who apply simply don't), then you may get knocked back simply because you are not needed at that time.

    Do your homework and find out who has just been awarded a contract and make sure you email your CV to the ones who are currently recruiting.

    Don't expect any more useful advice on here (a public access forum) as the blokes in the know rarely discuss this sort of thing due to client confidentiality and business reasons - CLIENTS COME FIRST
  14. Its who you know, not what you know. As the bubble contracts in iraq, and profit margins get tighter, cp/psd work will get more and more closed to only mates or similar ex cap badge of those already working. initial jobs for newcomers will be more risky, with more money being paid upfront for trg courses.

    phoenix got bought by armor, rumour is armor guys will have to pay for their own companies trg. wonder how long the phoenix management will last?