Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ComebackYELLER, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. dis anyone see the episode of future weapons on discovery
    with the armor dragons skin.this stuff was unpenetrable,couldnt even get thorough a more powerful than standered grenade when it was placed right against the torso

    just wondering does the army have any plans to bring this into use,or have they already,this thing could save alot of lives
  2. its ok as long as they dont aim for your ,soft head...
  3. There are issues with it in regards to how effective it is in high temperatures such as encountered in Afghan and Iraq. That's one of the reasons the US military turned it down apparently.
  4. There are also issuew with removal of the Body Armour also. Apparently takes a little while to take off which could cause a problem in a fire if your kit is burning...
  5. oo right ,just seemd to me like it was pretty damm good,under that gerenade it barely marked the inside of the armor,and all those bullets!
  6. Is this a code?
  7. If you really like it that much Michael Yon was going to auction his on ebay as he thought it was tonk.
  8. Just because the armour looks untouched it doesnt mean there hasnt been any internal injuries.
  9. I tried one on for about an hour, which was about an hour too much.
    It was chuffing heavy & chuffing hot. As there is nowhere for air to circulate, walking to the corner shop on a wet January day in Stoke whilst wearing it would be enough to cause heat exhaustion.
    It was like being draped in a dead caribou.

    And Pinnacle aren't known for being totally honest about their testing.

    Edited to add:
    Clicky Linky for some genuine testing. The X-rays are telling, as is the 50% failure rate.
  10. Not seen this kit or the programme but one thing immediatly stands out.

    The dragons skin armour was not penetrated, even by a grenade right next to the armour.

    What about the shock of the grenade going off? It will still push you over, push your skin in and rupture your organs.

    There is a point at which the inpenetrable powers of an armour becomes pointless.

    Also, I beleive that the Royal Navy invented a saying along hte lines of "in a competition of warhead v armour, warhead will always win". Basically there will come a point where the armour can no longer be improved, enhanced or added to. But the war head will continue.

    At a certain point, it has to be said "this armour is the best we can do, we can't make it any heavier, bulkier or more restrictive, and we know it can't stop everything".

    After that point, the protection is all down to the soldiers skills, drills and let's face it, a good bit of luck.