Discussion in 'Infantry' started by 5n1p3z, Jun 4, 2010.

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  1. G'day,

    I'm a german eod of the combat engineer (abn) branch and I'm going to deploy in a few months. I decided that the regular armor (based on bristol with kind of MOLLE System, it's called IdZ -Infanterist of the Future-) is too stiff to do my work properly.

    Does anybody has combat experience or has been hit wearing a plate carrier (Hard plate standalone system) or with DragonSkin SOV 2000 or 3000; or similar products i.e. EAS EXOSkalaar Level 3+?

    Maybe some hints about it, where to get it (in Europe) and so on.

    Anybody experiences with TAS Releasable armor vests(does the issued BALCS fit) or condor CIRAS vests in concerns of quality?

    Or standalone plate carriers?

    No perosnal thoughts about it , just experiences plz.

    Troops over there, take care!

  2. You've asked this before! Bore off!
  4. 'G'day' indeed! Schweinhund!
  5. Hmmm not much amour lost there then.
  6. here is Australia's latest design why not give it a whirl
  7. the gentleman posts a serious question and gets ripped apart....rather cruel but i havent laughed so hard in ages...round of applause JOEY DEACONS you had me in STITCHES!!
  8. perhaps i could suggest a couple of rolls of tin foil if you're into the 'Proffessor Chaos' look.
  9. STOP!!!!.... Hammer time!:

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  10. Sorry for posting twice but the first post was in the completely wrong area (staff officers and so on), was my fault I switched the forum dragbutton before post. MEA CULPA

    Funny Guys! I see you really like the Germans, but all of you aborad must like the USAF much more... ;)

    @auscam: correct would be "Schweinehund" but the Yankees print T-Shirts with "Teufelhunden" written on which is not correct anyway.
    @joey_deacons_lad: Looks great, BUT I really think even the issued vest gives me more freedom of movement. Will give it a try and reply my impressions including video in battle training then...

    BAck to topic: Nobody any idea? Has anybody seen the Templar Assault System RACV and can compare it to Condor Vests (which I don't like at all)
    Where are the former SAS guys and PMC's? What are you working with, if you can go not concealed?

    @blobmeister: Sorry. I didn't get the point... plz explain (maybe my english is too bad)
  11. Hammer time.
  12. Hmm. Always had a good opinion of our brothers from the island. Have been there more then one time, but I'd been lucky enough to deal just with gentlemen those days.
    Sorry for disturbing

    Anyway, take care abroad.
  13. Achtung ,
    You may have the wrong forum try in either RLC or Sappers , there into all that EOD wizardry :soldier:
  14. Maybe.
    Thx kc1982kc

    @Mod: please move this thread to Sappers and/or RLC