Armor: Plate Carrier vs. ExoSkalaar/DragonSkin


I'm a german eod of the combat engineer (abn) branch and I'm going to deploy in a few months. I decided that the regular armor (based on bristol with kind of MOLLE System, it's called IdZ -Infanterist of the Future-) is too stiff to do my work properly.

Does anybody has combat experience or has been hit wearing a plate carrier (Hard plate standalone system) or with DragonSkin SOV 2000 or 3000; or similar products i.e. EAS EXOSkalaar Level 3+?

Maybe some hints about it, where to get it (in Europe) and so on.

Troops over there, take care!

I don't know if you have read any of the other armour quality threads on here- the general consensus is that you stick with what you're issued. That said, the restrictions on personal protective kit may not apply to you.
Back to your original question, I personally couldn't speak for the first two, but I have had the chance to trial the RACV- it's a good bit of kit mobility wise, but (fortunately) I haven't ever had the chance to find out exactly how well it'll protect you. I believe you can put a soft filler in it, and the spacing for hard plates are pretty good- It is heavy though, more so that you would expect. It's pretty good quality, although not the hardest wearing bit of kit I've ever seen.

Have you talked to your CoC about whether you can even wear personally sourced PPE?

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All the UK EOD specialists I worked with in Helmand last year all wore as issued body armour. They had dispensation not to wear specialist protective suits etc because of environmental factors (heat, weight, duration etc). They did not complain at all about the UK issued body armour restricting their movement. It could be argued that it is pretty pointless being right on top of the device and that it will not offer much protection but the point is that it is a requirement to wear it, all Boards of Inquiry will ask whether the operator was wearing issued PPE and any failure to comply could adversely affect compensation, liability, life insurance pay outs etc. My advice: go with what you are issued with.

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