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Flying out to Iraq end of next week to do static security and a bit of psd for Armor Group. This is my first contract since de-mobbing.

Theyve given me a kit list. Doesnt say anything about things like ops vests or thigh holsters. So do they supply this and is it any good?

Anyone whos worked for/working for them?

Cheers in advance.
If oyu are going to ASP then i would wait till gettting out there to aquire stuff as ive had lots of probs getting decent kit in blighty. If you know anyhone out there then id recommend they order something from Blackhawk or any yank company like them. As in all contracts out there they can change within a few days and could find yourself on a convoy team within hours!! i see your post is a few weeks old but any questions just pm me mate as i work for them so ill try and put you off ha.

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