Armor group

they tend to be contracted to work for government officials such as POLAD and generally are a good bunch. they have the added factor that they will get government support if required. ie soldiers coming to help out. this was the case in herrick 4, it may have changed but i dont think so. they also get well looked aftert while they are away with lots of creature comforts.


Armor group are a large copmany with a multitude of different contracts, so working and living conditions vary depending on where you are and what contract you are on.
thanks for the replies, anyone know what sort of money they are paying at the moment ?


Depends what job do you want to do and where? And why so intrested in Armor, plenty of PSCs out there?
A lot of guys I know work for this firm. They are very well respected both in the services they provide and in the training they offer. If you are able to secure a position with a firm like Armor then you shouldn't have any worries about the unit/colleagues you'll be operating with.

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